A site for all your questions, even the ones you didn’t know you had.

After entering the Disneyphere as an adult, I suddenly found myself in a whole new world. There were gagitz and gizmos aplenty, and whoits and whatits to explore. After reading thousands of blog entries, info pages, and helpful tips, I still had questions. It seemed like every time I had a question that went even a little bit beyond the basics, the only way to get an answer was to slog through countless Google searches, read pages and pages of blog posts, where the information I was looking for was hidden among 40 pictures and 6 descriptive paragraphs. I wanted simple answers. Guide books, trip reports, even Disney’s official Frequently Asked Questions webpages didn’t answer all my questions.

Then I entered the world of the Disney subreddit. I went just as a casual reader, and ended up answering the same questions over and over. These weren’t the lazy questions of people who couldn’t be bothered to spend 20 minutes researching what rides were currently closed at Walt Disney World. These were the questions that no one had ever bothered to answer anywhere else in an easy to find/read way. Will I look stupid if I go to a character breakfast as an adult with no kids? What fun things can I do for a Birthday in Disneyland? Is Photopass at Disneyland worth it? What hotel should I stay in when I go to Walt Disney World? It seemed like there should just be a place to send people to get these answers.

And then the day I started researching going on a Disney Cruise was when it all went topsy turvy. I thought ok I don’t have to many questions about this. When should I book my cruise, what are the rooms like, what is included? At this point I was pretty well versed in Disney culture. But trying to read about Disney Cruising was like learning a new dialect! People posted information with terms and words and explanations like we all should just know what that means. To this day I still don’t know what a steamer trunk in your room looks like!(If my quick Google image search is to be believed it looks like a small skinny cabinet.) And and it was next to impossible to find out what size cups the drink stations had on the Disney Cruise ships. I wanted to know if my free drink to-go was going to come in a 60z cup! Should I bring my own big gulp to fill up? Was I even allowed to?

I was lamenting the fact that I should just be able to Google and find the answer instead of reading through 300 pages of cruise blog posts, which all though enjoyable, is rather time consuming, when it suddenly made sense. My head was chock full of all the information I’ve read, and read and reread in my quest to answer my own questions and my love of all things Disney; so why not just put it out there for other people to use. And next time someone asked me when the best time to go to Disneyland was, I’d just send them to my post, rather then going through a 20 minute speech where their eye glazed over and they forgot half of what I told them, and then blamed me for misinformation when they went to Disneyland the week of Christmas and hated it!

So here you go. My attempt to answer the questions you have about Disney. Mostly about Disney vacations, but I’ll be happen to answer any questions you have about who is an Official Disney Princess (yes there is a list).