Disney Cruise Alaska Part 1

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  • April 25, 2016
  • A trip to Alaska is what finally led to creating this site. It was frustrating that it wasn’t easy find answers to what seemed like they should be common questions. The answers were out there, but they were buried in hundreds of articles on dozens of sites.
    A lot of the best information was gleaned from reading people’s trip reports. At first this seemed pointless. Who wants to read about someone else’s trip? It’s like having to look at slides from someone else’s vacation. But the well written trip reports were interesting. They were hard to put down. It was like picking up a great novel. And within each trip report were answers to many of our questions, as well as answers to questions we didn’t even know to ask! So to return the favor, and add to the collection. Here is our own trip report.
    This Alaska trip report starts at the very beginning, the VERY beginning. We(my traveling person and myself) were just finishing up a year of visiting Disneyland for all our vacations. It had been a blast, and we were trying to figure out what to do next. EVERYONE we knew suggested cruising. But we’re not cruisers. Spend a week on a boat in the middle of the Carribean watching people eat too much and drink till they passed out? It did not sound fun to us. What exactly do you do for an entire week on a BOAT? We don’t gamble, we weren’t interested in drinking till we couldn’t stand, and one of us isn’t even that interested in quality food. (K rashions work just fine…) We love “do something” vacations, I mean we just spent a year of vacations in Disneyland going on rides till we dropped from exhaustion. So why go on a cruise? Well the fact that we had just done Disneyland for a year made us want to do more Disney. We love Disney. But we wanted a different vacation than Disneyland or Walt Disney World. So we looked to see what existed. We knew Disney did cruises, and Disney Adventures(trips to different places around the world.) We looked into both. Traveling around the world sounded great, but it didn’t fit our schedules or budgets. Plus we weren’t sure if a tour group type tour was for us or not.

    We decided we might as well look into Disney cruises. Well none of them went out of any ports anywhere near us. We didn’t want to go all the way to FL and not even go to WDW, so those cruises seemed out. Also we weren’t sure there was even anything on the ships we would find fun. I mean it’s Disney so it has that going for it, but what were we gonna do to have fun? So we found a great resource online. Disneycruiselineblog.com They post navigators(read: daily schedules) for different cruises on Disney Cruise Line ships. It listed every activity there was to do each day on the ship. After reading through those we saw that there was indeed things we might like to do on a ship. And then the unthinkable happened. Something we didn’t see coming at all. We must have gotten older somewhere along the line. Because suddenly a vacation where we didn’t get up at rope drop and run around for the next 16 hours started to sound nice. We could just sit and relax? Our hotel room was in the same area as all the activities? All the dining plans were already set for us? No reservations needed? Activities if we wanted them, deck chairs to hang out on? It suddenly started to sound inviting. But we’re still not sit on a boat in the ocean type of people, and one of us hates hot weather….. So where could we go? After searching Disney Cruse Line destinations, one stood out. ALASKA. Perfect. It was a place we thought sounded like a once in a lifetime opportunity. Who doesn’t want to say they’ve been to Alaska? It had an itinerary that had a few days of sitting and relaxing at sea. But even those days included great scenic views of the shoreline, not endless water. And the itinerary also included a few days in ports. It wasn’t somewhere hot, I mean it was Alaksa, so that fit the bill. There was great food offered for the food lover, and activities that didn’t involve gambling or booze. Maybe we should do this. But now what?

    Next Post: Disney Cruise Alaska Part 2.

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