Disney Cruise Alaska Part 11

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  • May 11, 2016
  • Day 75 a bit later

    One of us couldn’t sleep (this may or may not have been due to not receiving a PAT) so went online in the middle of the night just to check. Apparently Disney cruise website was doing maintenance, so for about an hour you couldn’t do anything. Just as a note unless you’re a night owl their maintenance was in the middle of the night for all USA timezones so it shouldn’t effect crazy midnight EST check in times if they are doing maintenance on your check in day. Anyway it was almost the top of a very early hour so figured see if after the hour of maintenance we could do check in. Waiting with bated breath and heavy eyes. Nope no such luck. Back to trying to sleep.

    Well even later that morning we got up, after not nearly enough sleep, and boom, just like the internet said, we could do online check in. Bonus! Amazing. Ok fill in all the info, check. It’s pretty easy, they double check your address, emergency contact, travel document info(passport, birth certificate etc), arrival and departure info, ask for onboard purchases account info, and now it’s time for picking a PAT!!! “Because your staying at a Walt Disney World resort you don’t have to pick a port arrival time, whenever you get there is just fine and you can board the ship when you arrive.”
    Wait WHAT? Ok so we knew a few things. First we were not staying at WDW before an Alaska cruise. Second we knew that if you did happens to stay at WDW before a cruise out of FL that the above statement was correct, it sounds like a perk, but they usually don’t get you to the port till later in the day when open boarding is going on anyway. Well my “transfer” was actually for my luggage. We were staying at the Fairmont Waterfront through Disney in our effort for a stress free vacation. It was just easy. We also paid for Disney transfers to make life easy. The transfer from the hotel to the cruise ship however was, as far as we knew and had read, just for our luggage, because we were staying literally across the street from the ship. They didn’t figure we’d want to board a bus to cross the street I guess…..
    Did that mean we could go over to the port as early as possible and check in? First on the boat? No that couldn’t be right. Ugg go call Disney time.
    The agent was nice, helpful, and didn’t know anymore than me. Her system said the same as mine, that we didn’t need a PAT. We both figured that wow, they are treating it like staying at a WDW hotel since it was booked and scheduled through Disney.
    Wow that was a bonus not mentioned on the internet anywhere. I had to assume it was new news. Guess they were adding a perk without telling anyone. Great. We can get on the ship first thing! Awesome. We will be arriving early so we get a low boarding group. We just wish we had known this last night! We could have slept in peace and checked in at our leasurly anytime until a week or two before the cruise! Because here’s the fun catch. To ensure you actually do check in and do your paperwork, Disney holds your PAT out like a carrot. If you do your homework you can get your PAT, and first ones done get first choice. Otherwise there is no other reason to rush to do your paperowork months before you cruise. Just make sure that you do find time to do that paperwork. You need to do it to sail.
    Yeah! What a successful but tiring few hours. We got exactly what we wanted. We even had choices for Palo, which we declined. One of us isn’t a foody, and there was tons of free food to eat, and other stuff we’d rather do then eat fancy food. And less to pack, no super dressy clothes required.
    Both of our number 1 Port adventures, as early as we can get ther PAT( ok now we have to find out what the earliest we can get there is) now we just have to count down. Nothing left to do but pack. Yeah!

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