Disney Cruise Alaska Part 12

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  • May 15, 2016
  • Day 60.
    The count down is going by so fast and yet so slow. It seems like just a few days ago we did out Port Adventures and initial check in. And suddenly we are at 60 days till we leave. When we did our initial check in we didn’t finish all the paperwork, why? No real reason, we got to the PAT part and said good enough for now. For day 60 we decided to finish the rest of the paperwork. It was easy. We had to review the contract and agree to it. It’s a long read, but it’s basically the type of stuff you’d expect to agree to when sailing on a ship. Click agree and done. Next was the signature page. This page has the main person (this is whoever you put as guest 1 when you made your final payment reservation) agree to pay for whatever anyone who is authorized to charges to you ship account while on board. The second page has each person who is authorized to charge, sign their name. Done. You print this form, and take it with you to the port for final check in. Easy. Congratulations from Captain Mickey, you’ve completed online check-in. Ta da. Now what? You wait for your final documents to arrive from Disney in the snail mail.
    There are also several optional forms for you to complete.These are :
    Special Services information form.-This includes any information you need to give Disney about medical assistants, if you need a sharps container, if your bringing oxygen, if you have a wheel chair, diatary allergies, service animals etc. Must be completed and sent to Disney no later than 60 days before your cruise, so you might want to do this one on the initial check in day.

    Minor Authorization form. – This form is for taking a minor who isn’t your child. This could be grandparents, friends etc.

    Parental debarkation authorization form.-Fill this out if you have kids, and dad plans to take tommy off the ship to the beach, while mom and Sally stay behind to swim. If mom and dad are not both getting off the ship with the child, you need to fill out this form.

    What about the health form? So there is a form you must sign before getting on the ship. The scary health form that sent us on our trip insurance search. It basically states that you aren’t sick when you board the ship. You used to be able to print this out and fill it out before getting to the port. This appears to have stopped currently. I guess they figured they didn’t want you filling it out 3 days before you board, just to get it done. They want up to the minute information, so now you fill it our at the port at final check in. At least that’s what we’ve heard. I guess we’ll see in 61 days.

    We also have started what we call packing and buying. This is the time when you start a list of all the things you need to buy, find, check on, before you are ready to pack. No one wants to be running around to the stores two days before departure, because you’re out of the sunscreen you normally use, and all the stores are sold out of your brand. So we start buying at regular shopping trips. What sort of things fare we buying? Here’s a sample list.

    • Bath poof-You ever try to use liquid body soap on a wash cloth? No lather.
    • Liquid soap-really who wants to use and reuse bar soap after a trip to the bathroom?
    • Lanyard
    • Lysol- I know they clean the rooms, but do you think they Lysol the remote?
    • Bathroom spray- small stateroom, tiny bath. Nuff said.
    • Hand wipes-Ok we are not germaphobes, just realistic.
    • Face sun screen
    • Power bars-Yes there is a ton of food on board, but pocketable snacks for port.
    • Dried fruit snacks
    • Socks-We like new ones for vacation.
    • Mole skin-Never go to Disney parks without it, figure that applies here.

    Our gathering list looks something like the one below. This is stuff we own, or did at one point, but isn’t used every day and we don’t normally pack for a trip, or something we just don’t want to forget. For this trip so far it looks like this.

    • Bring night light-inside stateroom, seemed like a great suggestion we read.
    • Sunglasses-one of us never brings these, but a boat on the water? Ya…….
    • Watch-no cell service at sea. How do you tell time without a cell phone?
    • Highlighter- ready to attack the daily navigator. But then it will mark it up? What to do…..
    • Binoculars -Whales and Eagles.
    • Lanyard-Pretty sure our Disney parks one broke last trip, better double check and add this to the purchase list.
    • Tumblers-Something for the hot coco and coffee to go into. Who wants small disposable cups, when we have Mickey ones. Who cares if they are Christmas themed?
    • Straw cups-Cold drink option.

    We also double check clothes. Make sure you have what you need. You may not be buying an entire new wardrobe for the cruise, but are your socks pretty old? You might want some new ones. We check on those things and buy. So that’s what we started doing at day 60. Ok we actually started about two weeks ago by starting a list, but we’ve getting more serious about it now. We don’t like to leave it to the crazy time right before the trip. We just have a place we put all the stuff we purchase, and when it’s time to pack it’s easy to find it all.

    And we always have a “to do” list. Stuff we need to do before the trip. This list changes a lot between trips. For this one it has stuff like

    1. Finish paperwork- done
    2. Order 1 day rainforest pass (we want to try this, and we’ve heard they can sell out on the ship, so figure why not order early, you have to call or fax the order (why can’t they do this online? All the cruise ships seem to do this, I just want to order on line, how hard is that?)
    3. Download app- This would be the Disney Cruise Line App.
    4. Sign up for hotel wifi- Our Vancouver hotel has free wifi, but only for people in their loyalty club, which is free to sign up for. Another club? But for free wifi I guess we’ll have too…….
    5. Print out notes, -Notes on what we’re doing, just about everything we think we’ll want to know. Port Adventure info etc. We’ve hear stories of people getting to the cruise (NOT DISNEY) and the cruise ship not having any of their info in the system. Scary.
    6. Print map and info for Ketchikan. We’re going out on our own for this day, so we want to have some old fashion paper info for that day, in case there is no cell service etc.
    7. Print out info for Vancouver touring-No cell service, better have the paper info for where we want to go that day.

    So that’s it. 60 days: lists in progress, buying in progress, we’re excited. Oh as a side note, we happened to check if Palo reservations were avaliable a few weeks after online check in (just curious for you folks, we decided not to go) nope. So there you go. Don’t wait to long to make those reservations, or you’ll be doing the arrival day dash to try to get one once on board.

    What the steps look like at Online Check in.

    Online check in steps.
    Guest info
    Pre/post cruise
    Onboard account
    Port arrival time
    Review contract
    Signature form
    Congrats completed

    Optional forms
    Special services info form
    Minor auth form
    Parental debarkation auth form

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