Disney Cruise Alaska Part 13

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  • May 18, 2016
  • Day 55

    Ok for those who wonder why we start shopping two months ahead of time for items… If this had been the week before our trip, half the stuff we wanted to pick up was not at our store. We could have then run around and hoped to find the items at another store, possibly at a higher cost. But since we have almost two months, we’ll just check again next shopping trip. No stress.

    We decided one of us would try the rainforest room on the Wonder. The Rainforest room is a room/area with heated tile chairs, and different open showers that have scents programmed in. On the Dream and the Fancy the rainforest room also has different steam rooms etc also. We thought hey, a day in there might be nice. You can purchase a length of cruise pass that is around 118 (or something like that) for 7 days. We didn’t think we’d be able to get enough use out of it for that price. To much great stuff to do, not enough down time for scented showers. You can also purchase one or more 1-day pass for the rain forest room. These can be purchased once you board the ship, and you can take a tour of the spa to see if it’s something you might like if you’re on the fence. We’ve heard that on busy cruises they can sell out of one day passes, and in our stress free vacation plan, we figured why not purchase it ahead of time. We knew one of us was going to try one day for sure, so getting a 1-day pass ahead of time seemed the way to go. If we loved it, we could purchase another day on board, as long as they didn’t sell out. But this way we were guranteeded at least one day. It’s the same price no mater when you purchase, so seemed easy.
    We had read you could purchase online. But when we went to the website under gifts and ammenities, and put in our port, it said call or fax. So we called. The very nice cast memeber asked if we were online and wanted to order it there. We said we are, but it says we must call or fax, he was confused. But he took our order. Final price is 18.01. Pass is 16.00 for an entire day, plus automatic 18% gratuity added, so no tipping required. Done. After he ordered we chatted and we mentioned maybe it’s cause of Vancouver port that we have to phone order. He didn’t know. After the phone call we went online and and tried getting a rainforest pass for different ports, nope only phone or fax option. Who still faxes? Anyway it was easy enough to just call. Took less than 5 minutes and now we have a rain forest room day pass to be used any day of the cruise we wish. The pass will be waiting for us in our room upon arrival. Only 56 days till we’ll see that inside of that room!

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