Disney Cruise Alaska Part 14

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  • May 18, 2016
  • Day 45 ish

    So we’ve been counting down to the day we leave, which is 44 days away. Because frankly our vacation starts as soon as we leave home. Sorry Disney, it is a vacation even if we aren’t in the magic bubble yet. Disney’s countdown is for the day we arrive on the ship. On day 44 in our countdown, and 45 days before we step foot on the ship we got an email. This one is just another get excited about the trip, here’s what you can expect, type. It’s nice though. It included the notice that we will in fact have a Frozen night party… Get excited!!! No we will not be dressing up… We are contemplating some very basic ideas for the Pixar Night.. We’ll see.

    Day 40
    We are done with pre-trip shopping. It required compromising(seriously there isn’t a travel size of that one kind of shampoo? No I don’t want to squeeze from the big bottle into the tiny plastic leaks all the time generic re-useaable bottle. Fine just buy the medium size. Enough shampoo for a month, but whatever at this point). Some sloothing – finding Mickey themed thank you cards was harder than it should have been. And we ending up paying full price for some stuff- there are always coupons for hand sanitizer and the one time we want to buy it, after over a month of waiting, none!

    Our goal is to pack lite- or lite-ish. We could have forgone the thank you cards, the little gifts for the crew, the rain ponchos, mugs, bathroom scented spray, and the night light that projects Disney pictures on the ceiling or floor. (Which thanks to the disboards we just found out we can’t plug into the bathroom as planned due to no outlets…. Do we really want pictures on the floor lighting everything up? Or just go get a regular old night light? Oh worst cause the room is black as coal, it’s not worth stressing over if we hate the night light on the cruise. We’ll take the picture light and hope it’s not annoying in the main room) but those little details- which although in expensive do add up. So plan those into your budgeting-  they are what make trips extra special. Shopping is done. Next up, attempting a trial run of bundle packing…

    Day 37

    Well we still haven’t attempted bundle packing yet. Maybe after the next laundry day.
    But we did have something exciting happen. It was a normal day, we walked out to the mail, opened it up and boom. Disney surprise… Sort of. Our Cruise booklet had arrive! One of us had been waiting for this with bated breath- because this book is supposed to arrive by 30 days before your cruise, and we were at day 37. One of us didn’t even know it existed, but anything from Disney in the mail is fun.
    What is a cruise booklet? Basically it’s a printed booklet that has all kinds of information about your cruise. It doesn’t have any information you couldn’t have found easily on Disneycruiseline.com, but it’s fun to get a book personalized to you. Also it has specific information about your cruise. It lists who is going, what stateroom you’ll be in, what port adventures you have booked (as of the date of the mailed booklet) any ground transfers you’ve booked, any hotel stays you booked through Disney, and any airline information you provided to Disney. It has a nice check list of things to make sure you’ve done (we had) and some get excited about the trip stuff. It’s good to give the booklet a once over, make sure all the information in the booklet is correct, and everything you booked is included. But the most important thing in the booklet was on the first page. Luggage tags! The awesome luggage tags that make sure your bags are delivered to your stateroom. It also included specific instructions to you personally as to when you should attach your luggage tags. Since we booked a ground transfer and hotel stay through Disney, we are supposed to apply them before getting on the plane. We cannot figure out why! We have to personally pick up pur bags, drag them through customs, and drag them out to meet our driver- this isn’t Disney being lazy, this is the rules for flying in internationally, yes even to Canada. So why does my bag need a huge yellow tag that has my name and stateroom number on it for the plane ride? Maybe in case it gets lost? That’s all we could figure. If the bag gets lost, then airlines will know where to deliver it to? Hopefully before the ship leaves port. We’ll probably follow the instructions. We figure they are there for a reasons, and we want to do all we can to make sure we get our bags!
    It really made for an exciting evening. It was the last Disney fun mailer surprise we would get before our cruise (as far as we knew anyway, the other mailed items had also been a surprise but we figured being so close this had to be the last one).

    It really is a nice touch of Disney to still sent postage mail. No one does that anymore. In a world of posts, tweets, and texts, it was nice to still get something you could hold, see, and take with you regardless of wifi availability. Thank you Disney.

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