Disney Cruise Alaska Part 15

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  • June 8, 2016
  • Day 27

    Finally it was bundle packing day. So we’ve heard of bundle packing and thought this was a great way to try it. So after laundry day, we put a weeks worth of clothes on the bed, and followed the video steps on the NBC news site here. You can also get detailed info at onebag.com¬†With a weeks worth of clean laundry on the bed, we went through the steps of packing one week worth of clothing. After about 10 minutes of watching the video, pausing and folding, we ended up with a nice neat bundle of clothing. It was really rather small. We fit a weeks worth of clothing into a size bundle that could fit into a carry on! This didn’t include a weeks worth of Alaska wear( jackets sweatshirts etc) but it was still impressive. We did a second bundle, and it was much faster. We are converted! Well… we will at least try bundle packing for Alaska in a few weeks. Hopefully we can squeeze into only two bags and still have room for souvenirs!

    Along with our bundle packing adventure, we decided to try Airborne. We know a ton of people swear by Airborne. Really we just don’t want to be sick before we head to the Ship. I feel like the fact that Disney can deny us boarding if we are ill( for good reason) has caused a lot more stress about getting ill. For every vacation we do certain things to try to stay healthy. We eat at least one fresh fruit every day for 60 days before our trip. We try to avoid big public gatherings 30 days before, and when we can’t avoid public events we take along a lot of hand sanitizer. We don’t intentionally come in contact with people who are ill or just getting over being ill- sorry we won’t be coming to your house for dinner two days after you got over a cold. We try to get 8 hours of sleep every night, and we do good handwashing after contact with people. Shaking hands within the 60 day window always requires a trip to the restroom as soon as possible afterwards. Does it seem overboard? Maybe. But after you’ve been sick on a Disney trip, you do everything you can not to have a cold at the Magic Kingdom. So we’re doing all that normal stuff for this trip, but it feels like the pressure of the once in a lifetime Alaska on a cruiseship, has ratchet it up a notch. We’re not eating any candy/excess sugar for 30 days before hand. We exercising even more- although both of the above may just be so we can eat even more on the cruise…… And thus the Airborne trial. We looked into what’s in Airborne, decided it wasn’t a health risk for us to take, and decided it couldn’t hurt to try it. Please consult your health care professional before adding any supplements to your dietary routine. Since it was new for us, we decide to try it for a few days a month from the cruise just to make sure we didn’t have any reactions. After a few days of chewing up rather really sour tablets, everything seemed ok. So we figure we’ll start taking them two weeks out from the trip, up the amount( reccomend amount is 3-12 per day) a week before, and continue through the cruise. And if it really does help, what a huge benefit for little cost or effort.

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