Disney Cruise Alaska Part 18

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  • February 20, 2017
  • Day 0 Granville Island and Vancouver Exploring.

    We only had a few hours to explore Vancouver and we decided to visit Granville Island.  It’s a food market, artistic community/shops area on the waterfront. It’s reachable by a walking path/ferry boat, or road. Taking a cab was the easiest/fastest way for us to get there from the Fairmont Waterfront/Cruise terminal. It was closing around 6:00pm that evening, so we didn’t want to waste time getting there. The main place we wanted to check out was Granville Island Public Market.

    Granville Island Public Market

    It’s a huge warehouse filled with a farmers market crossed with a fish mongers line and restaurants tossed in. It was super crowded, hard to maneuver through, and tons of fun. We spend almost an hour just looking around the Market. We checked out the other artist stores on the island, and then came back to the Market to have dinner. We settled on a little place that sells pot pies. They were delicious. We got a table outside and enjoyed the views.

    Great views on Granville Island.

    We then went back into the market to decide on dessert. There were a ton of options.

    So many choices!

    After looking around everywhere, we ended up with fresh cherries. They looked so delicious they won out even over all the amazing looking desserts. We got a big enough bag to take back and eat some for a snack/breakfast the next morning, remembering that we couldn’t take them on the cruise because of regulations and customs. Stuffed full of great food, we decided to head back to Vancouver to walk around. We picked up a taxi at the taxi stand right outside the Market. One thing I felt like Canada did really well was Taxis. We just had to find a stand with an attendant who called up the next taxi in the queue. No jumping in the street and waving our hand to get a taxi. This may be because we only went to tourist areas, but it was super nice.

    Back at the Fairmount Waterfront we dropped off our cherries, and decided to explore around the hotel a bit. We also wanted to see Flyover Canada.

    Vancouver Skyline near the cruise terminal.

    We walked over to the little Flyover Canada booth across the street from our hotel next to the cruise terminal. There was a short line and the attendant told us we could head over to the main ticket booth to get tickets also. Since we had no idea where that was….. we just waited in line.

    They directed us to the main theater. The tickets were general admission and you get inline and see the next available show. You can pay extra to get reserved times/etc. But it was a pretty slow day/time and we didn’t have anywhere else to be. The shows run until late in the evening, making this something you can easily plan after other attractions close.  The theater was at the other end of the docks, so we headed down the walkway. There was nice signs with the history of Canada(or was it just Vancouver, I can’t remember) on them. We strolled down a little and came on our first look at any cruise ship in person.

    The ship was massive. It was like a floating city.
    Overwhelming. We knew the Disney Wonder was considered a smaller ship, which made us more conformable. It seemed like this ship would just be to big to navigate for a week. Only one more day until our ship arrived in port!

    Right behind us was FlyOver Canada, so we walked up to find no line. We just had to wait until the next theater loaded.

    So what is Flyover Canada? It’s Disney’s Soarin’ or Soarin’ Around the World but only in Canada. It uses the same mechanical system of seats that lift up into the air to give you the feeling of flying and even has the 4D effects. It wasn’t cheap, around $20.00 USD a person for less than 20 minutes total. It was our evening entertainment, and vacation. Overall we enjoyed it. One of us liked it better that Soarin’ one of us thought it was slightly less entertaining. If it was a ride in a Disney Park, we would do it again. If we were back in Vancouver would we pay to do it a second time? Probably not. But it was worth a one time experience.

    This is the main ticket booth and where you enter to enjoy the attraction.

    We spent a long time walking around the port area taking pictures. We walked across the street from out hotel to a Starbucks to try and find a Maple Syrup coffee we hard hear exists in Canada. No such luck be enjoyed a nice coffee anyway. Now it was time to run one final errand. We planned to pick up a case of bottled water to take on the ship. It seemed easier then dealing with packing it in our suitcases with weight limits/space limits on our flight to Vancouver. You can bring as much as you want on the cruise ship, no weight limits. We figured just go to some local drug store/ 7-11 whatever and pick up a case. After walking way to many blocks up and down the city area near our hotel, we finally found a local drug store that was about to close. We rushed in, grabbed a case of water on sale! for what I think amounted to $2.00USD. It was an adventure I’d rather not repeat. It was stressful. This part of Vancouver does not have mini-marts. Before-warned of this if you plan to do any last minute pick ups before your cruise.

    After lugging our case of water back to the Fairmont Waterfront, we thought we’d explore our hotel a bit. We found the rooftop pool, along with rooftop gardens to explore, which had great views. You had to access these through the gym. Which boasted a nice set of workout equipment and amenities like spa water and locker room saunas.

    Quickly night settled in and we went back to our room to try to sleep.

    We knew when we woke up the Disney Wonder would be in port!

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