Disney Cruise Alaska Part 22.

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  • March 8, 2017
  • Cruising Day 3. Tracy Arm, Alaska.

    We didn’t set an alarm, but we didn’t need one. We woke up very early, probably due to the excitement of being on the Wonder and because we had our first exciting Port Adventure today. Port Adventures are the Disney Cruise Line term for a Port Excursion. It’s a tour/activity booked through the cruise line. They range from walking tours, to shows, to once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

    So what else do you do when you wake up before the boat, oh and your in Alaska? Go to Deck 10 and walk around of course.

    The sun was just peaking out.

    The views are just….. well there are no words.

    Since the decks were void of people we took the time to get a few pictures of the ship as well.

    We got distracted by the views again.

    Back to taking ship photos.

    A view you don’t see very often. Empty chairs.

    Aft of the ship by Palo.

    The best of both worlds, ship and views in one picture.

    We headed in for some buffet breakfast. The craziness of the day before wasn’t as bad, and we could even sit down at a table. But you still had to stake one out, and keep someone there until you were ready to give it up. I’m not sure the buffet area is for us.

    We went back to our room and got ready for the day. Then back out for more pictures.

    We headed to the “secret” aft verandah on deck 7. I’ve heard access taken away after the refurb.

    We were really moving fast. It wasn’t noticeable until you looked at the wake.

    We headed back to the room after walking around for about an hour. We headed to a Disney Innovations Theme Park lecture in Diversions. It was a combination of video clips and scripted talk about how Disney changed the face of theme parks. It was interesting.

    Throughout the day the Caption was making announcements ship wide letting us know that Tracy Arm was very full of ice, and the ship might have to head to another area. People were up in arms…. no pun intended there… We had a Port Adventure set for the next day, and we were worried it might be canceled if we didn’t go to Tracy Arm, but honestly nothing could be done, and we were in Alaska so…. we just enjoyed that. Finally a few hours into the morning the announcement was made that we would not be going to Tracy Arm due to to much ice, but instead would head to Tracy Arm’s next door neighbor Endicott Arm. At least we will would get to see a glacier.

    We hunted down a quick snack, because right at noon, when most people were headed up to the top decks for the BBQ, we would be headed out to sea.

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