Disney Cruise Alaska Part 24.

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  • March 21, 2017
  • Cruising Day 4. Skagway.

    In the middle of the night someone started knocking at our door. It took several seconds for us to even pry our eyes open, and then we stumbled to answer the door. It was our room service. 30 minutes early. Normally that wouldn’t be so bad, but this meant breakfast arrived at 6:00am. Oh well. We realized they forgot our orange juice, so they Room Service Attendant said he’d be right back with it. 

    It was a simple continental breakfast, but not having to get up early(or earlier then we did) and stumble around the ship looking for food was a great convince for a few dollar tip for the deliver. Our orange juice did arrive, 30 minutes later. I guess it was a busy day for room service.

    We turned on the tv to the forward camera channel(it shows you what the front of the ship is seeing) and we could already see we were docked in Skagway! We enjoyed the views as we quickly ate and got ready for the day. Another day of multiple layers for us.

    We headed to our tour meeting place which was Diversions(now Crown and Fin Pub). There were several tour groups meeting in Diversions and you were given your handy Disney character group sticker. We grabbed a window seat and enjoyed the views until our character was called.

    When our group was called we followed our guide off the ship and they walked us across the street to our Port Adventure. (I think this is one Port Adventure that could easily be booked outside of Disney, it was literally steps away from the ship with Temsco helicopter tours).

    We were headed out on a helicopter ride over scenic views and then we would land on a glacier and take a walking tour of the glacier.

    Our first stop was a safety video and talk. Next we were outfitted in the provided gear. This includes a orange safety vest/life vest and rubber/cloth booties that go on over your shoes and hit about mid-shin. We were then asked our weight, including with the gear we were wearing. This isn’t the time to knock off a few pounds, because they use this number to balance the numbers in the helicopter. We were also given a locker to use to put all our stuff in. No bags of any kind are allowed on the PA. So make sure you have pockets for anything you’re brining with. After that we headed out to the outdoor deck waiting area to board. We were allowed to take pictures of the helicopters from the waiting area.

    They do make every effort to keep your party together (We didn’t notice anyone who was split up) but the helicopters only hold 6-8 people so large groups will have to be split up. Smaller parties will share a helicopter.

    We were placed in the lead helicopter for the day. That means we go first, and everyone else follows our lead. We took off and flew over the Wonder.

    We headed off off through the mountains.

    Then we landed on our glacier.

    After all the helicopters hand landed and dropped off the passengers, they took off back to the base for the next tours. We were left with several guides who gave us a walking tour of the glacier.

    They give you a short safety talk, and hand out walking sticks. They come in handy on the slippery ice.

    The ice has a lot of brown mixed it. The guides told us it sediment that gets pulled along with the moving ice.

    The water is SOOOO blue.

    The guides stopped often, and there was plenty of time for pictures. But all to soon it was time to head back to the loading area. There was an Alaskan flag on the glacier and we were able to get group pictures by it. The helicopters landed and the next tour groups were unloaded and we were loaded back into our same groups and helicopter.

    We had another scenic flight back to the base.

    One more pass over the Wonder and we were back in Skagway.

    We turned in all our glacier gear. Used the restrooms(there are none on the glacier) and checked out the souvenir selection. Then we walked across the street back to the Wonder, boarded and headed to our stateroom room to take off several of our layers. We grabbed a quick lunch on deck 9, and then walked back off the ship to explore Skagway.

    There is a nice walking path from the ship docks right into town. It wasn’t very far, maybe a quarter of a mile.

    Skagway is a quant town. It is small enough to walk the entire thing, especially the tourist areas. It has several souvenir shops, a coffee shop,as well as several historical buildings to look at. It has a small plane airstrip and you can often see and hear planes coming into town from over head.

    We walked around and checked out the town. We did a little souvenir shopping. We picked up several postcards, bookmarks, and this delicious huckleberry licorice. The town isn’t big, but we found plenty to look at.

    We decided to head back to the ship to drop off our shopping, and to shed some layers. It was getting warm. This was Alaska, and it was sunny and in the high 60s!


    After dropping off some coats, and writing a few post cards, we headed back out to Skagway. Our first stop was the post office to mail a rather unusual postcard we purchased that would need more then a traditional stamp. Then we just wandered around town for a bit.

    We snapped a picture of the famous driftwood building.

    So we know which way to go.

    We decided the best way to head was back to the ship again. One more quick look at what they call the Hershey Kiss Mountain.

    Back to the ship we go.

    Even though our all aboard time was 7:45pm we felt like we had experienced Skagway, and decided we would head in for our normal dinner seating. We enjoyed dinner as always and because it was Freezing the Night Away on the ship(Frozen themed day) we even got light up snow flakes to wear from our head server at dinner. Tonights entertainment was a showing of the live action movie The Jungle Book, we decided to skip. And instead went up to the Cove Cafe to relax and enjoy the views of Skagway. We couldn’t get enough. Then it was on to the Freeze the Night Away Deck Party. It was at 7:45pm and was still going on at 8:15 or so. And it was still bright as day outside. Crazy Alaska sun. After the show we were feeling really beat. It had been a long but great day, so we decided to call it a night. We went back to our stateroom and found our nightly towel animal.

    We loved Skagway. Our Port Adventure was amazing. Even though we had to get up early, it did give up the best chance of experiencing the Glacier. The PA is dependent on weather, and we wanted the best chance at experiencing walking on a Glacier. So getting up early was completely worth it. It also gave us most of the day to explore Skagway. We could have even book an PA for the afternoon but we enjoyed just wandering around town. Town was close enough to the docks that we easily walked back to the Wonder several times, which was a great convinces. No need to carry bags or layers or purchases. A quick hop onto the ship, pop over to your stateroom, and back out to enjoy the town. The Wonder did offer some activities while we were in port. They had trivia, Wii games, Youth Actives Open Houses, movies activists for kids in the clubs or with and even a May Pole Dance because it was Frozen Day. We caught part of the May Pole Dance and it was fun to watch. The shipboard activists are limited while most people enjoy the port, but there is still some to do. Also the Spa is open during port days. At 12:01am they were also premiering a movie aboard the ships. You get to see a first run movie basically as soon as its release day starts. To tired to START a movie at midnight. Time to hit the pillows. Tomorrow is Juneau Alaska!

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