Disney Cruise Alaska Part 27.

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  • April 2, 2017
  • Cruising Day 7. Sea Day #2.

    Our final sea day! How did it get here so fast? There was still so much we wanted to experience on the ship, that today was going to be a full day. I remember when we first booked the cruise, we were worried we would be bored on the ship, and we figured we would have plenty of time to relax. That didn’t turn out to be the case at all. We always had one or more activities we wanted to experience.

    We decided to try the sit down breakfast offered at Tritons. We really enjoyed it. It was nice to relax and have a more formal breakfast delivered right to the table. It’s great that Disney Cruise Line offers so many options for eating. We did have time most mornings of our cruise to enjoy a sit down breakfast, but having so many different choices and meal styles meant we never felt like we were stuck eating the same old thing for a week.

    We walked out of breakfast and right into the Lobby Atrium for our Princess Gathering meet and greet. We were scheduled for the 9:30am slot, and by 9:34am we were meeting our first princess. We saw Belle, Tiana, Ariel, and Cinderella. We finished at 9:45am. It was great to once again get in line, meet a bunch of characters and only spend about 15 minutes for the entire process.

    First on our list of things to check out was the Art of Entertaining Dazzling Desserts where they were demonstrating Viennese Apple Strudel. It was happening in Studio Sea(Now D Lounge). Only 15 minutes later the Game Show: The Wheel was starting over in Promenade Lounge. How to go to both? We had to split up.

    The Dessert cooking demonstration was great, they give you a recipe card to take home, show you how it’s made, and give you a free sample. Bonus.

    After the dessert cooking demonstration was over, the foodie headed over to Wheel to catch the end of the game. It was a close game.

    Now we split up again. One to the gym one to Napkin Folding.

    Napkin Folding was back in Studio Sea (Now D Lounge). They teach you how to fold the napkin hats they make for you to wear during your character breakfast.

    You don’t get to take the napkins home, but it was fun to do.

    We went back to the room and then headed out to our final lunch.

    After lunch we walked around and enjoyed the views. It was almost 2:15pm which meant we had to split up again. One of us to towel folding. They teach you how to make some of those great towel animals your stateroom host has been leaving in your room all week. They give you several towels to practice with, and a sheet with instructions, as well as have a cast member demonstrate up front and on the video screen. They also had cast members walking around to help you figure out what you did wrong when your elephant ended up looking more like a dog.

    The other one of us headed to Art of the Theme Show Tour which meets at Palo. It’s a walking tour around the ship where they talk about the design of the ship using Disney style and values. The tour host show you little details on the ship you wouldn’t normally notice and the meaning behind them. Like why different floors have different styles of carpeting. Or the way different signs have different styles.

    After Towel Folding was over we met up with the tour so we could finish it together. Then the Art of Theme Show attendee gave the tour to the towel folder attendee.

    After our impromptu walking tour together we went deck for to do something we had been talking about doing all cruise.

    Shuffle Board!

    We went back to our room to get ready for dinner and to fill out our final tip envelopes. We also decided we had better start packing. When dinner time came we headed out to our final dinner. After a week with our servers it was strange to realize we wouldn’t be spending another diner with them.

    Then we headed back to our stateroom to pack. We needed to have all our luggage outside our room for pick up by 10:00pm, so we wanted to get them out before we headed to the final nighttime show. It was a sad moment putting everything back into our bags. We kept our important documents, personal items, etc in our carry on bag. Also the clothes for the next day and your PJs! You won’t see your bags again until you get off the ship. You can keep all your luggage and carry it off the ship with you in the morning, but we figured we’d let Disney handle it. Because we would be flying home we knew we would have to do a little luggage rearranging so that stuff currently in our carry on(large size liquids etc) would go back in the checked luggage to fly home. But we knew we had plenty of time for that the next day before our flight left.

    We travel pretty often, and we are really used to staying different places, but somehow the stateroom had become home. It felt very strange to realize that it wasn’t indeed our home, and tomorrow someone else would be boarding the ship and staying in “our” room for a week in Alaska. We have never felt so at home in any hotel room before. Maybe because being on a ship you have easy access to your room, and go back to it often throughout the day, but the feeling of sadness not only that the cruise is over, but that you are leaving “your” room was a strange and new experience for us.

    We enjoyed the final Broadway style Show The Golden Mickeys. It was a good way to end the cruise.

    We went for one final stroll around Deck 4.

    Already it was 10:00pm and we went to the Atrium for the “Till We Meet Again” farewell. It’s a nice little show with a final push to meet characters. We watched from the floors above and waved.

    We headed to our room and found our final towel animal.(Hint: it’s a dinosaur, we only knew because we made it earlier in our towel folding class)

    It was time to try to fall asleep, we had a really early morning to not look forward to.

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