Disney Cruise Alaska Part 29.

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  • April 3, 2017
  • Final Thoughts on Disney Cruising Alaska.

    When we started this Trip Report we had just decided to go to Alaska. We didn’t know much about Disney Cruise Line, Port Adventures, Port Arrival Times, Dinner Seatings, Rainforest Rooms, or just about anything. We weren’t even sure if we would like cruising. So how did it all turn out? We did learn a few lessons.

    Lesson 1. Do your homework early.

    Having the correct information made each step in the cruising process much easier. When it came time to book, we already knew what stateroom we wanted and what meal seating we wanted to request. At hotel booking range, we were comfortable in our decision to go with Disney accommodations and ground transportation because we had considered the other options. When it came time to booking Port Adventures we had stacks of choices and were comfortable with our backups(even if we did get a tad confused when the piles got mixed up!). And when we finally left home for our trip, we had learned the basics of what to expect for boarding day, days at sea, and ship life. A lot of the frustration can come from having to make a decision with information you didn’t know about and were just given 2 minutes earlier. Take the time now and do your homework so the vacation is relaxing.


    Lesson 2. Enjoy the Magic.

    You are on a cruise, to Alaska, as long as you make it on the boat, the rest is gravy! We had our moments of worrying if we would be the last people on the ship by joining our Disney transportation walking group(it turned out amazing for us but we didn’t know that when we were panicking) and stressing over picking character meet and greet times. Really it all worked out. Sure we could have picked a character time that ended up not working for us, but we took a breath, thought about it a bit, and then made it work. We had to have a few early mornings, but it was all fine. When one of us gave up a mile into our Rainforest hike, we just changed course and enjoyed taking pictures in Ketchikan. If something is canceled, wasn’t what you expected, or just turned out badly. Try to remember your in Alaska, with Disney. It made for a much more stress free trip for us.


    Lesson 3.  You can’t do it all. If sleep is important to you, don’t try!

    We started out worried that we wouldn’t find enough to do on the ship. We ended up splitting up to even have a taste of it all. And we didn’t even do everything on our list! We never did book a second day in the Rainforest Room even though we liked it, because we realized our days were so full of other things we wanted to do. We didn’t hardly crack the books we packed. We had to actually carve out time to play the card game we brought with, and it took until our last day to finally play shuffle board! We decided on what we thought were priorities for us and did those. There was much less deck chair relaxing then we had pictured when we started planning this trip. We could easily have decided to forgo all the activities and enjoyed the pool deck views, but there was so many cool activities that we did our best to balance it all. We left some activities for the next cruise.


    Lesson 4. Enjoy the views.

    This was our first cruise, so we can’t comment on the views for other destinations. But Alaska views were STUNNING. We could not get enough. We spend tons of time walking Deck 4, 9 and 10. Early morning, midday, sunset, late at night. The vistas were constantly changing. Icebergs, wildlife, mountains, and saturated colors of water. Pictures didn’t do it justice. Although we took lots, we really tried to just soak it all in as much as we could. It was a little surprising how few people we saw roaming the decks just enjoying the scenery. Maybe they all had verandahs, it left us with decks almost to ourselves a lot of the time.


    Lesson 5. It was all worth it. All of it.

    Planning for a year and a half, all the research, the cost, all of it was well worth it for us. We still talk about that cruise. It doesn’t take much to get us gushing on and on about our time in Alaska. We worried cruising wasn’t for us. It was. At least with Disney. We loved being so close to our stateroom anytime during the day. We loved going to bed and waking up with a new town to experience. We loved letting Disney take care of all the details. We loved the Disney food each day onboard the ship. We loved the attention to detail on the ship. The activities kept us much busier then we expected. The Port Adventures were experiences of a lifetime. The cast member staff on the ship were above and beyond anything we could have imagined. The entertainment was well done and had a variety to please most. We don’t regret our small stateroom choice. We were hardly in it. And we could experience the views by just walking out to any number of portholes, or decks. We would choose a smaller room and our first choice Port Adventures over a larger room with less Port Adventure options again. We felt like experiencing Alaska was the most important thing for us. And we did!


    It has now been some time since we enjoyed a week Cruising Disney Alaska and we still can’t stop talking about it. You just have to mention Alaska or cruising to get us rolling. Will we cruise again with Disney? We sure hope so! We didn’t plan on falling in love with Cruising with Disney. But we did. We can’t wait to again step through the doors when they call our name and give a big high five to Caption Mickey!

    Thank you for following along with us during our Alaska journey. If you have any questions about our experience please leave us a comment.


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    4 thoughts on “Disney Cruise Alaska Part 29.

    1. I read all of it, and knew from the beginning you would love it! My family is heading to Alaska on the Wonder in June, our 5th Disney Cruise. It is our favorite way to vacation and we can’t wait! Thanks for sharing:)

      1. Thanks. I hope you will check out our Transatlantic Adventure, we definitely got the cruise bug after Alaska.

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