Disney Cruise Alaska Part 5

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  • April 29, 2016
  • The process of looking at flights was insanely stressful. They weren’t super cheap, super convenient, and we didn’t have many choices. We know some people fly into Seattle and take a train or a bus to Vancouver, but in our attempt to have a stress free vacation we knew that would derail us. We did consider it, but it wasn’t that much cheaper for us, and lugging bags and getting on a bus or a train for a 4 hour ride and going through customs that way, just didn’t appeal to us.

    Our final payment date was a few days away, so we got online to make the payment. Disney Cruise Line website was having issues and we couldn’t pay. Ugg. So we just gave up and called a human. This ended up being the best thing we did in all our planning. We got the gold standard of agents. We told her we were calling to make a final payment, and also wanted to book our hotel. She was happy to help. She asked which hotel, what nights and looked to see if it was available. Success they had a room. Perfect. She asked if we wanted ground transportation. We said yes, but we knew we couldn’t book that until we knew our flight information. She goes oh sure you can, you just book it, pay for it, and when you know your flight, just call us back. Really? Great. Book that too please. She also asked if we wanted to get our airline tickets? We told her we had been looking on our own, but we weren’t sure if the prices we were seeing were good or not. She says well here’s what it would cost if you booked through us. After hearing the number and almost dropping the phone, we said ok maybe we’d go ahead and book the flights we been looking at ourselves. We told her what our prices were, and she tells us ya that’s half our price, I’d book that. She also asked if we wanted to pre-pay our gratuities? What? We hadn’t heard about this. We knew we had to tip like a ton of people, but they just put it on your room bill on the ship the last night, or you can choose to do it in cash yourself. She goes oh ya you can pay a set amount, and then you’ll have nice little tickets to give to your people that say thanks and the standard amount you tipped. And you could always add to that. Well tipping wasn’t even on the planning radar yet, so we didn’t even know what we wanted to do. She let us know there was no pressure and we could always add it later. Just call them back. Great. She tried to answer our questions about customs, (seriously it’s insanely confusing what you can and can’t bring back from Alaska), but admitted she didn’t know much and we should ask the cruise staff on the ship because they certainly would know. Great. She was perfect. She helped us do stuff we didn’t even think we could. And surprise, we could actually book our ground transportation, even though a previous agent had said we needed to know our flight numbers first. So off we were to find a flight.

    We wanted pretty specific times, and there were no direct flights, and none that had perfect times. After insane amounts of searching and reviews(some airlines that fly into Canada are less known in the USA, and some get HORRID reviews. Do your homework). We did find one flight that worked. Should we book it? By chance I had clicked on one of those look at lots of sites prices sights, and forgot to uncheck the box to compare to another site. I was also looking directly at the airline we wanted the flight on. Well looky here! It was $40.00 cheaper per ticket on the comparison site. I didn’t really want to book through them. The airlines I wanted had a lowest price guaruntee, and after a little paperwork, they matched the price. Score. Tickets booked. We were doing this about 4 months before our cruise date. We hemmed and hawed about when to buy. Would prices go up or down? We felt like they would either stay stable or go up, plus the airlines we chose had a promise that if they went down we could ask for a credit to use at their airline. We don’t fly them often but it was atleast something. We did purchased our tickets and sat back. And called Disney again.

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