Disney Cruise Alaska Part 6

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  • May 1, 2016
  • Our luck with calling Disney seems to vary. We’ve never had a bad experience. Every time we’ve called we’ve gotten happy polite people. They answer all your questions and make sure to try to do what you are asking them to do. But sometimes when we call we feel like we know more then they do. This was going to be one of those calls.

    We called to say hey guess what we booked a flight so let’s add that information to our reservation please! The lady who we talked to started out by saying oh you can add that at 75 days before your cruise when you do online check in. We did know we could do online check in at 75 days before our cruise. – We were first time Disney cruises so we get the lastest check in date. Check in date is when you can also pick your ship boarding time(people do have preferences) and you can start booking port adventures and signature experiences(Palo dining, spa treatments etc).- We also knew that Disney says that if your booking transportation through them it needs to be done 75 days before your cruise. So exactly how are we supposed to do both? We very nicely told the lady that yes we knew about 75 day check in, but when we made the ground transportation reservations they told us just to call back with our flight numbers. So she goes ok, let’s put that into the computer. She did. Sort of. She first asked what our flight number was for the arrival. I said it’s a two part flight, nothing direct, she goes I just need the second flight (even though I’d seen Disney requires both sections of your flights when you do your 75 day check in) so we gave her that number. Then she asks for the arrival time. We told her a time that was in the afternoon. She about panics. She goes you can’t arrive at that time on the day your ship leaves, you have to be on the ship already! We counted to 5 and said we’re arriving on Sunday, the day before. She had never asked us for our arrival dates, and we figured she knew since we had a hotel and ground transportation booked for Sunday, not Monday (day of cruise departure). Well after she caught her breath (she seemed generally worried and upset about us coming in on what she thought was the day of the cruise) she goes oh ok great. And types that in. Then asks us for our departure information. She did double check that date. Then she goes into a decently long talk about how when we arrive at the airport we will go through customs, go get our bags, go through some big glass doors, and our driver will be waiting for us. We assume the driver will have a sign with our names or something…. We really thought this information should come in an email or a booklet or something. You want me to remember about going through some glass doors months from now? Uh huh…. Glass doors got it….. Speaking of emails. We did get one confirming our final payment and transportation reservations. But it just says we did it. If you’re used to your hotel with a confirmation number and such that you need to drag around, nope. There wasn’t one. Freaked us out. But ok maybe those come later. After this call we didn’t get any confirmation that our flight info was added, so I guess we’ll find out come arrival day! Someone better be there to get us….

    We had one final request for the agent. We wanted to know if we could request a specific size/amount of beds. We had meant to do this when we first booked the hotel, but simply forgot. The agent goes, oh well we just book a certain amount of rooms for the hotel ,we can’t promise views or size or anything. We go we understand that, but can you just add the request (this is pretty standard stuff when calling a hotel, you can ask for a room on ground floor, a room by an elevator etc)? The cast member helpfully goes well we can add a note here with your request. Great. She then goes on to ask us if we have anything else we want to request, and lists out just about anything you could think of (like floor, view, near elevator, quiet etc) We’re like nope just the bed request we already have…..Ok then she asks us if we are celebrating anything. Back when we make the first reservation like a year ago we said we were. So we go yes, it should be on there already… She goes oh yeah, and your meal preferences, are too. Great I see you requested an early seating? Yup. Would you like a table by yourself, or with others? We were like well a table by ourself would be ok, but we’d also not mind sharing with other adults (we had debated whether we wanted to risk getting stuck with other people. We thought it might be nice to have others to chat with, but if we got stuck with some weirdos we would just dread dinner, so we hadn’t decided yet what to do, because we couldn’t even ask about this stuff for months yet….) but we’d like to not be seated with a family with kids if possible. We don’t mind kids. It’s Disney, there will be kids. But we prefer not to mingle endlessly and by force with some strangers children. She adds all that in, and goes anything else? Nope that was it. We had just called to add a simple flight number to the reservation. When we got off. We realized we think other than port adventures, billing information ,and ship boarding time, she had just done like half of our online check in for us. Dunno if they are allowed to do that, but I guess it never hurts to ask. Well with all of that finally done. It was back to waiting……. We have about 45 days till the magical 75 days until our cruise mark when we could book our port adventures.

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