Disney Cruise Alaska Part 7

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  • May 3, 2016
  • Ok so you would think all the stressful stuff was done. We have tickets, hotel rooms, ground transportation and even our stateroom and dining time picked out. Well you’d be wrong. First off the big question of which port adventures was looming over our heads. Yes these are supposed to be fun. No it was not fun even thinking about picking them out. We had a budget in mind, with a little wiggle room if we actually could get all our top most wanted must dos. Knowing we were first time cruisers and probably wouldn’t get some of our first choices, we needed back ups. Plus with the thought that we had to book these “adventures” late one evening/early morning (75 day mark was looming quickly, I mean those platinum and gold people had already book! We were still waiting for the silvers, and by then who knows, all the good stuff was probably gone!) so we didn’t want to be figuring out at 1am which of these adventures we wanted to do when our top choices were already taken. We set aside a few hours (yes we figured it would take us that long to figure this out) on a weekend to tackle port adventure pick out.

    The week leading up to “port adventure picking out” was really stressful for one of us. Why? Because we both had to read through the port adventures(and one of us probably would do this 15 minutes after the time we agreed to sit and meet about port adventures) and pick our top choices, and then rank the rest. And frankly doing this with about 65 browser windows open trying to compare 5 dog sled adventures is miserable. One of us decided to print out all the adventures that looked like stuff we’d probably do. Ensues a rather unpleasant event of running out of ink, printing anyway in weird colors, and trying to replace the ink…. And we have a stack of like 30 port adventures to pick from. And that was just for two ports. One port we already had plans to be adventure-less and plan something on our own.

    Add to all this knowing we probably won’t even get the port adventure we want! We also had gear to think about. We needed some shoes to wear on the upcoming Alaska trip. One of us needed something appropriate to wear on a boat in the cold. One of us didn’t care what we had on our feet. And we decided we needed a luggage scale, should be an easy purchase, but ended up being way more complicated to pick the right one. So many things to think about. How do some people just toss their junk in bags and get on the ship? Sometimes it would be nice to be that carefree. But then those are the people who say that they were bored when they got to a port cause they had nothing to do! Ha that won’t happen to us! Ok so were supposed to be planning those adventures…


    One of the reasons picking out the port adventures was going to be stressful was that, we know we can go through Disney for them. We also know we can go through other companies. We’re not leaning one way or the other at this point. Disney is easier, but if they are sold out of what we want to do, we’ll look elsewhere. But what if we wait on our booking date with Disney and our top picks are full, then we call the local companies and they are full too! Should we just book directly with the local companies now since they don’t make us wait for a booking window? (To be fair we completely understand why Disney has booking windows. If this is your 5th Alaskan cruise you really don’t want to get stuck with the same lumberjack show you went on last year because all the newbie cruises snagged the dog sledding adventures. So Disney lets you pick first. Fair enough. We’re good with this so no slight from us.) If we don’t get our first choices we have some solid second choices. But certain ports have certain adventures. Let’s say we want to do a float plane in Juneau. Ok so that’s top choice number one. And we decide on whale watching in Skagway as our top choice. Now we go to book, and float plane is unavailable. Well there is also whale watching in Juneau, so should we pick that, and do something else in Skagway? Or is there something better looking for Juneau? Seriously We felt like we needed a spread sheet and an abacus to figure this out. The date of picking a port adventure was looming. Would we survive?

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