Disney Cruise Alaska Part 8

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  • May 5, 2016
  • With a stack of papers in hand it was time to set off on picking port adventures. If you’ve ever tried to determine the difference between 6 dog sled adventures, you might understand how we were going crazy trying to flip between tabs in a browser. We ended up printing out any adventure that looked exciting to us, so that when the dreaded “pick a port adventure day” arrived we started off with a huge stack of papers. We had them sorted between the two ports we were planning adventures for. Juneau and Skagway. We had made plans for Ketchikan that didn’t need any pre-booking so we didn’t have to worry about picking for there. After a decent amount of “how are we gonna do this?” intense discussion, we decided to lay out each port separately, then categorize by type of adventure. We had a line of papers for Juneau separated into piles of flight planes, helicopter adventures, whale watching, and other, which was a mix of stuff like canoe adventure, hummer trip, etc. Then we ranked them by each category with one of each type we’d like to do most. Favorite float plane adeventure to least fav. float plane adventure. Fav. helicopter adventure to least fav. helicopter adventure and so on.
    We did that for both ports. Now the really difficult part, how to decide what to do in what port. Both ports had dog sled and helicopter adventures. How do you pick which one where? Well we started with what was our number one adventure period? We wanted to do the float plane to the glacier viewing and Taku Lodge. First priority. So that was number one on our list. Done. Easy right? Well what do we do if that’s sold out? Ok take the just glacier viewing plane flight. But what if that’s sold out? Well our second priority was a helicopter ride. But those are in both ports. So in an ideal world we’d flight plane in Juneau and helicopter in Skagway. But if Juneau is sold out of float planes is there something we’d rather do that isn’t a helicopter flight in one of those ports? Well after a lot of discussion…. Ya it wasn’t fun at all…. We decided to just prioritize by – most want to do in each port, then when booking day comes well just go down the list. Try for first, then second then third etc. so we ended up with our first choices being flight planes in Juneau and helicopters in Skagway. We also decided we’d go through Disney. It just seemed easier and less stressful and that was a big goal for us. We did decide if we ended up with whale watching we’d go with Harv and Marv’s, but since that is pretty far down the list we figure it’s unlikely.
    You’re probably wondering how we picked what to even want to do out of all the port adventures. Honestly it was tough. There were a lot of great choices. We ended up with first what looked really cool. Second what could we only do in Alaska. Budget wasn’t a huge issue. We had put aside a pretty good amount for excursions by booking that inside cabin. We ended up with choices that allowed us to see scenery that is only found in Alaska, mostly glacier centric. We weren’t that interested in dog sledding. It seemed like sledding with a dog pulling us. We definitely weren’t interested in anything gold rush. We’ve done enough of that type of stuff before. We weren’t super interested in bear and eagle sight seeing, we’ve been there done that. Whale watching sounded great, but we knew there are places in the lower 48 that do that. So glacier viewing from aircraft won out. The torture of picking was over. Seriously it was not “fun” for us. After it was all over with we went to the local ice cream place that has real Dole Whip. It seemed fitting and a great reward for getting that torture done. Now we were just counting down to day 75 at midnight.

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