Disney Cruise Alaska Part 9

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  • May 6, 2016
  • Day 101. Well one of us decided it would be a great idea to skim the disboards for Alaska cruise posts. After reading about the huge number of people who want to go dog sledding and the even bigger number who want recommendations for a cheap but very nice and right by the cruise ship with free breakfast hotel in Vancouver, we clicked on a thread about reasons Disney would deny you boarding. After reading about the health survey they make you take saying you don’t have a fever or diarrhea (which we did already know about) we read about people who had what you might consider a minor flu bug, not being allowed to board. Now the avid reader will know we decided to not purchase trip insurance. We didn’t have any major or minor health issues, it wasn’t going to be winter so flying shouldn’t be delayed due to snow. There aren’t hurricanes in Canada (at least not the type that ruin a cruise), we figured even if we fell and broke a leg, Alaksa is still the USA so our health coverage would work. Well on day 101 when the disboards were being read, one of us had come down with a nasty cold virus. It was a doozy…. It was a no fever but yucky nose small cough sore throat kinda cold. And it lasted forever. Over a week. Well thank you Disboards for informing us that Disney can deny you boarding for health reasons. We suddenly realized that oh man, if we catch a bad cold bug, we could be denied boarding and loose out on the cruise, and we don’t have trip insurance!

    That sent us into a maybe we should look into this mode…..We already knew we couldn’t get trip insurance for pre existing conditions because you have to do that right after you book your cruise. We also knew some plans have to be done before final payment (like the trip insurance Disney offers) but could we still get it 100 days out just to cover the chance of getting a cold and being denied? Well after lots of research yes we could still buy it. We found a policy for around 100 bucks. We figured that for $100 if that just lowered the stress level of being worried of the “what if we get sick and don’t have insurance….” that might just help us not get sick. More stress leaves you more susceptible to getting sick. So for $100 it seemed like a good idea.


    Day 91. Ok we really need to go buy that trip insurance. Everything looks good to you right? Yup ok put in the payment info. Wait a second……………my credit card covers our trip since we payed with that….
    Your kidding. We did all this research and it covers the trip?
    Yup it covers it….
    Awesome. One less thing to pay for. Hurra!

    Day 90. Full submerged in planning the next big trip! Alaska, what’s that?!

    Day 82. Alaska? We’re doing that in a few months huh?( head buried in a guide book for the next destination) ya I guess we book our excursions in a few days. Glad to have that done and over with.

    It’s worth noting here that Disney does a great job keeping your excited about your trip. They send your regular emails reminding you of important dates for your cruise. You’ll get one reminding you that your paid in full date is coming. One reminding you that your day to do online check in and pick port adventures in coming. And they make them come off not pushy or nagging. We loved opening our emails that said hey don’t forget about all the cool stuff you will be doing in Alaska! And go ahead and remember to book those port adventures in two weeks.
    For us, Day 90 was the big change day. On Day 91 we were completely obsessed with anything Alaska. Almost to a point of spoiling the surprise of discovery(something we value highly). But on day 90 we realized we had been so absorbed in Alaksa that we haven’t thought ahead to the next vacation. Because of what we do, we have to plan very far in advance. Years. Yes years. We suddenly realized if we wanted to go on vacation after Alaska we’d better start figuring out what that would look like. We did, and by Alaska Day 90 we were completely consumed. Hopefully this allows an almost detox period before we actually go to Alaska, so we can detox all the info, pictures, options etc from our system, so we just enjoy the cruise.
    Where are we headed to next? You’ll have to wait a while to find that out. But we promise, it will be worth the wait!

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