Disney Eastbound Transatlantic Cruise Part 10.

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  • June 14, 2019
  • Day 62

    Turned on the tv tonight for some wheel of fortune fun. What pops up but Pat with a Disney cruise ship being him! It was couples week also. It was kinda torture. Knowing We have 62 days to go and sitting there seeing the shop and videos of the deck behind the players the entire night! Was a cool to know we can spend the week of day 60 in the count down watching the ship. Fun and torture at once!

    Also realizes recently we won’t have the ability to take bottled water onboard for port excursions this time. We go from the airport to the cruise port. Unless we buy bottles at the airport, or the cruise ship port has a water store, we just don’t have that option this time. Not paying for a taxi to make a water stop… Thinking of brining a small portable water bottle. Problem is we don’t really want to carry anything during the port adventures. On the cruise we’ll have our mugs. We’d normally just bring disposable bottles and toss them when they are done. Still trying to decide what to do. Bring an empty plastic bottle? We don’t really want to buy another bottle…….we have ones we take with us usually but they are to heavy and big to drag all day. Uff…….also looking into a hidden money pouch. One of us has one but one doesn’t. We can’t find one that the one without likes. There is the fanny pack kind, the neck kind, and a yoga pants top kind….. What will stay in place and not drive us nuts….

    Also we have a couple of great take with bags, just not sure they will work for this trip. Trying to figure out what to bring for all day port days. We have a Mickey one but not sure we want to advertise to people we are on a Disney cruise. Seems to make us a target. In the parks we go bag free these days….Trying to navigate this minor decision has sounded like this “Maybe our castaway club gift will be a bag. Ya but that will be even more,obvious then a Mickey sling bag…… I thought we were done with this stuff.. I actually thought we had finished our store purchases for the most part. Apparently not! “

    Day 61

    Just found out about transfer companies for Barcelona. Basically pre-order cabs. Thinking this could be even eaiser then just grabbing a cab from the cruise port or the hotel to the airport. Have to think about it.

    Also our hotel price is creeping up a bit from the low price we booked at. We think we hit the sweet spot window. Keeping tract so readers have a baseline of when a good time to book is!

    And today makes the 60 days untill we board our flight to leave. That means we officially start our don’t get sick plans. If you’ve read our Alaksa trip report you know we did all kinds of things to try to stay healthy. Well it worked and has seemed to work for other trips since then, so here we go again. We eat atleast one fresh fruit everyday. We  generally do,this anyway, but sometimes it would be dried or canned. This is fresh. Atleast one piece every day. A good general habit anyway. We also cut out all sweets. No candy, cookies, soda, cake, donuts, etc. we don’t eat no added sugar, like we still eat so,e breakfast cereal etc. but we try to avoid adding sweets in.  As we get closer, i.e. The 30 day mark we add in more steps. But for now it’s fruit of the day and no sweet foods. Yeah day 60 for departure!

    Day 58

    Ok so today went to the store and picked up a cheap robe to use in the spa. Last time the robes were frankly nasty. They were clean. But stained, holes, just ick. Decided that the nice robe we purchased for the spa a few months ago, was way to nice and is staying home! Got one very similar to the spa. Almost got it in white but figured they’d think we were lifting it. So got a colored one. Also found a new mini backpack since our old one is so worn out it started rubbing our shirts and causing damage. We mostly go bag free anyway, but for 8 hour excursions it seemed like a bag would be a good idea. Thank you discount stores. For 12 bucks we can handle to have a bag around. Our only other one has Mickeys all over it and that just seemed like asking to get pilfered. Then it was finally time to do the money belt shop. It came down to two options https://www.amazon.com/StashBandz-Running-Security-Pockets-Passport/dp/B00ZS3DCPY/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1520918337&sr=8-8&keywords=Money+belt

    and https://www.amazon.com/SevenBlu-HIP-Fashion-Running-Smartphone/dp/B01M9FBKRY/ref=sr_1_38?ie=UTF8&qid=1520918337&sr=8-38&keywords=Money%2Bbelt&th=1&psc=1


    We looked at a neck one, but decided it wouldn’t be comfortable, would probably get in the way, and frankly it seemed like unless your wearing a button up collared shirt you could see the strings in like photos and stuff. So weird fashion running belt it is. We settled on the Seven Blu mostly for the zipper on and zipper pocket. We’ll review at the end. (Editors note: Although WE LOVE THIS BAG!!!! It now appears not to be offered on Amazon. We hope that changes again in the future. We have now traveled several times with it, and even use it when walking around town. It has held up well. Washed well. Kept everything in place, and only started to come unzipped once, and we think that might have been a user error)

    Day 57

    Ok so we started this week counting down with Wheel of Fortune Disney couples edition. The next days were random episodes that had nothing to do with Disney. This isn’t reruns week or anything so no idea why it’s all reruns. But we ended this week with a Wheel of Fortune Disney rerun of Grand vacations. We’ll take that. Was glancing through the report today and realized we still need to settle our Lisbon and Barcelona plans. We know what we’re doing in Lisbon, but for Barcelona we need to lock down a bit more on what walking tours we plan to see. And had totally forgotten to get the information about the local sights in Ponta Delgata since our tour ends and we will still have some time in port if we want to explore a bit. We could totally get onboard the ship right now and have a pretty good vacation. But still some details waiting to be ironed out. Still haven’t heard from the hot rod company again. Pretty sure we’re giving up on that one. And still can’t pick which place to make our priority in Lisbon, monastery and de Belem or St. Jorge castle. Choices choices.

    Day 56

    Our new security belt came today. Took it out for a test run. Wow it’s so awesome we are ordering a second one to use for work outs. It’s completely awesome. It’s comfortable, holds a smartphone in one zippered pocket, same size pocket on the back, and zips,on and off, with a secondary snap as a back up,over the zipper. It also helps with pants slipping a bit. With a looser shirt you can’t even see the cell phone in the front pocket. It’s soft, comfortable and just perfect. This is a must have for travel now. Heck it’s a must have for workouts now. 

    We also got to work on an awesome project for our stateroom door today. It’s really turning out well. Picked up some old navy flip flops for the spa. Last time they did not have a size large enough for us. So we’re brining an inexpensive pair we can toss at the end if they are just yucky from so much spa wear, or if we need more packing room. Also found a small day backpack we forgot we had, so we didn’t need to purchase another one for the second person. Also got the foldable larger sizes water bottles. These don’t keep things cold, but they are light weight. Good enough for this trip. We don’t really want any bag, but figure we just might need it for the long day in Barcelona. Also remembered to pick up some travel sized candy. We remember after 7 days on the Wonder we wanted movie candy and the ships stuff was way to expensive. We also really wanted any type of chips. Seriously we got so tired of cheese cake. Which was we love. But there is just so many mini bites of cheesecake you can have. 

    And if that wasn’t enough, we also went through some saved pages of guide books covering Barcelona and Lisbon. Reminded us of the crazy amount of stuff we want to see in Lisbon, also reminded us of other port stuff not with Disney for other ports that looked cool that we looked into. Disney was just eaiser. We’re tired and getting lazy when it comes to Ports. And finally Barcelona is still tiring. Trying to make lists and maps for the trip of places to walk to. And truly finally we also got free translation apps and map apps that can be used offline.

    What a busy day. This is the part we hate. It’s not close enough to be the super excited phase, but not far enough you can ignore it yet. We just want on the boat, enoug waiting. But trying to enjoy life right now, not just waiting for 55 days to pass. 

    Day 55

    Todays task: pick up a pop-up hamper. We have a laundry bag we’ve used, but it just isn’t big enough for longer trips. We try NOT to do laundry at all on vacation (I know, I know, it means we have to pack, haul, and pay for more bags on our flights, but it does mean we don’t have to spend time doing laundry on vacation and we do end up with more variety!)

    We knew our local dollar store had them so we went to look. We decided we wanted a pop up one that could go under the bed so the opening is on the longways side. Dollar store was only the top opening ones. They were super light weight (probably cause the material isn’t very durable) so that was a bonus. And it was a $1.00. If it fell apart, didn’t last, we hated it, we could just toss it for a buck. We also got distracted on our dollar store shopping trip because they can have some unusual candy in the store. Our last trip we really did miss candy, and were not paying Disney onboard prices plus they rarely have our favorites. So this trip we are packing a few things. We might have gone a tad overboard at the dollar store, but they had Soft drink flavored licorice. Yup. Picked that up! Its an item that gets put in if/when we have room and our bags are not close on weight. We figure we eat it, and then there is room for souvenirs. We generally travel with a few fav. snacks, just last time to Alaska we figured the cruise would have everything we’d ever want. They did, we ate sooo much cheesecake, but who knew that after 7 days of cheese cake mini bites you might just want some licorice. Ok back tot he laundry hamper. Decided to google around. Amazons were to pricey and we couldn’t find what we wanted. Walmart had them though. Made a quick stop at Walmart. They had a pop-up hamper with side only opening for $3.88 or a pop up hamper with side and top openings with zippers for $6.50. The side and top opening combo was a bit heavier then the side only opening, but we opted for it because we figured depending on where we stash it, it will be nice to have multi openings. Also liked the zipper, and it seemed sturdy enough. If this works out we’ll drag this thing on more trips. We def. wanted the lightest weighing option, which we didn’t get at all. Dollar store weighed the least, then side only opening followed by our to side opening. Got home and dropped it on the scale, 0.5lbs. Ok so not the weight buster we thought. Our licorice stash weighs more then that! We are sooooooo close to being done with the shopping for our trip stuff. We did look at a few more bath robes (yes we know we already bought one! but its still not as long as we’d like…..) found out when you get longer, you get more weight. We’ll stick with the one we got. If the bags are at the limit it can stay home and well use the icky old spa ones. It seems picky…. but really a spa with robes that have holes….. and no it wasn’t just one robe. and there never seemed to be enough of them around to sort through and find a decent one…. Ok ok enough with the robe. We’re gonna go with Hakuna Matata. No worries. We’ll be happy with the one we got. Just get us there.

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