Disney Eastbound Transatlantic Cruise Part 11.

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  • June 20, 2019
  • Day 48

    After much discussion we again decided to request a private table for the two of us for dinners during our cruise. Last time we did this because we didn’t want to get sat with some people we didn’t like, a family with 10 kids, and just wanted to enjoy dinners alone. If you’ve read our Alaska report you know that we enjoyed the private table, but also enjoyed our character breakfast mates enough that we almost wished we had requested a table and gotten someone like them. This time we thought well on a 13 night cruise it might be nice to have someone else to talk to. It could be loads of fun to get to know some people. Maybe we should gamble and just not put in a request and see what happens.

    We sat down last night to discuss it, and the point was brought up that we eat dinners together alone often anyway, so thats nothing new. And the bigger point: imagine you get stuck with people you just can’t stand. Now imagine dreading dinner with them every night for 2 weeks! Ok so we decided to call Disney and put in the request. The currently only way to do this is to call the Disney Cruise Line number (if they put the option as part of online check in i’m sure everyone would just select it as a default and be annoyed if they didn’t get it. by making us call, they know we really do want it since we went to the trouble) We waited on hold 9 minutes. We try to call in the middle of the day when most people are done with the rush morning calls, and not at night when people are home. Anyway you call, get a very helpful Disney Agent and ask to put in a request for a table just for your stateroom. You can say a private table, that term works mostly also. But we usually are clear that we want a table just for our stateroom. They tell you they will put in the request, and if they can, the ship will set it up that way for you. last time they reminded us it wasn’t a guarantee but just a request. Maybe this time they had a note from last time saying we’ve done this before, or because were not first time cruisers or because the agent didn’t bother. Either way they didn’t remind us it was only a request, but did say the ship would try if they can, to give you the private table. So now we’ve at least stacked the deck in our favor. We realize we may still get dinner table mates, we just have a better chance of not getting them. One of us almost wanted to take the risk and see if we got someone awesome. But as a whole we could see the gamble. Imagine all the people you’ve met on a cruise, and then imagine how many of them you want to have 13 dinners with…… ya its a gamble….. On the plus side they happened to also tell us to enjoy our noted celebration for that cruise. That was a bit surprising and nice. Now during online check in you can note if you are celebrating an anniversary, birthday, etc. We noted one of the choices and they mentioned it on the call. Guess maybe it will be better noted. Last cruise we also noted one, and never heard a peep from anyone about it the entire cruise or booking process. We shall see in 48 days! Now just waiting for the magical mail!

    Day 46

    Interesting that suddenly port adventures are selling out. After checking daily for months, it seems strange that at 46 days before the cruise some Port Adventures are selling out. At the beginning a few of the most popular ones were sold out, but otherwise it was open booking. Now Ponta Delgata, Lisbon, Malaga, and Ibiza all have more then one or two sold out excursions. Interestingly enough Cadiz doesn’t have any sold out excursions. I guess people are going on out their own in that port.

    Day 46 late

    There is always seems to be a debate with people who cruise if you should purchase trip insurance. We didn’t purchase it for Alaska but did purchase it for this trip. One possible situation listed as part of coverage for several insurance plans was loss of employment. This seemed like a mute point until tonight. Thanks to a late night email one of us found out that we lost a part of our employment. Surprise! This was unexpected and pretty devastating. The good part is that this one of us works diverse and varied employment so it wasn’t total unemployment but….. Suddenly having trip insurance that covered a loss of job made a world of sense. With our trip being so close, and already paid for, and with only a partial job loss, we won’t be canceling our trip, but you can’t help and think about how much money you could suddenly have back if you cashed in that trip insurance plan and didn’t go on the vacation. If this was a total loss of employment, it might not be a theory of thought but a nessity of survival. When you’re thinking about trip insurance, weigh the cost. We never thought a job loss was coming, there was no hint, suspect or reason to think it was, but companies can close, shut or lay off suddenly. Could you still be ok if you went on that cruise you just booked if you suddenly lost your job? Is having trip insurance worth the security? If you asked us before today we, probably would have said yes. If you asked us now we would say definitely yes! 

    Day 45

    We couldn’t have predicted that 45 days before our epic trip we would be job hunting….. It’s hard to enjoy the excitement of the cruise at the moment. We’re also a bit worried that the stress of looking for a new job could lead to getting sick. Worn down body can get sick eaiser. Also worried about trying to enjoy this cruise if we end up not finding a new job before we sail. How do you make sure not to spend time stressing over coming home to a lack of a job when your vacationing? How do you make sure you don’t penny pinch every second knowing your income has just decreased (we’re in a position that it’s not a total job loss but is a decrease in work) ? How do you enjoy ordering a drink of the day, or getting that length of cruise rainforest room pass when you realize not spending the money will in essence increase your income? This will be an interesting trip. Best case we know we will be coming home to a new job and all the stresses that entails. Worst case we will know we will be coming home to a decrease in employment and a decrease in our income which means some serious budgeting. Suddenly counting down to 45 days isn’t as exciting, now it’s just scary deadline; trying to find a new job in less than 45 days!

    Day 45 later

    Got our “get excited about your upcoming cruise” email from Disney today. It reminded us we should check the do-not-bring-on items list; that our cruise will have pirate night and formal night. And since we marked a celebration at check in they reminded us we could purchase onboard gifts for the celebration. That was new. The Disney cruise booking agent told us she marked a celebration last time and we never heard another word about it. Guess they are making more of a point of it now? Really trying to wrap out heads around all the sudden changes and still get excited. Normally this email would have been met with cheers, but today it just wasn’t going to happen. Trying to adjust to it all. We know it’s not that bad, it could and is worse for so many people. It’s just the sudden change of things that’s hard to reset to. The last time we had a sudden change we had to cancel our big trip. This time even with the way things are we can still go so that should include a smiley face. Hopping in a few days when the shock of it wears off we can feel happy about the good parts of our lives like this cruise in 45 days! Really trying here.

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