Disney Eastbound Transatlantic Cruise Part 12.

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  • June 21, 2019
  • Day 42

    After a few days to absorb the job loss we started thinking about our next vacation. Yup. If you’ve read any of our trip reports you may remember that we generally have to plan our trips years in advance(yes years) to accommodate our jobs. Even though we are down a job, it was time to start thinking of the next one. We have several options of things we want to do and one of them is a cruise. We sat down to start considering the options. One of the cruise options we wanted came up still available later this year. It was so tempting, but we just didn’t thing we could swing it that fast! Wish we could. But planning for and looking into another cruise did help to bring back some of the excitement for the current cruise. Hopefully we can keep that excitement up. The loss of job really did bring a wet blanket to the party. Planning the next trip really helped refresh the joy of traveling that had suddenly been sucked away by a loss of income. We’re assuming we will find new work to make up for the lost work we just received. We are still employed, just less so. It’s a weird position to be in. You’re sad to lose work, even though you didn’t lose all your work, so your not supposed to be that sad. Moving on hopefully.

    Day 38

    Well all that daily checking of onboard activities paid off. One of us wanted to go to a tasting and it was all booked up. Our plan was to go book once onboard since a lot of times tasting times become available because spots are held for onboard booking. Some options don’t even offer pre-booking. Well this morning after checking for 52 days an opening popped up. Booked. Awesome surprise for day 38. Now where is my booklet!?

    Day 38 a bit later. Got some extra short term work sent our way. Not permanent but everything count right now.

    Day 35

    Even though one of us is working less we still have to plan our vacations. We finally have a plan. It includes a vacation much sooner in our schedule then we hardly ever book. Plus another vacation a bit further out. Which is more normal.  We still have some life details to settle for this close vacation but if that works itself out we will be really excited! Time will tell. 

    Day 34

    It came! The magical booklet with cruise information inside has arrived! Best day since booking the cruise. After opening it up the only two things we noticed were Palo lists two guests booked on the reservation but only one of our names was actually listed. And the tasing we added a few days ago didn’t make the booklet. Otherwise it’s all stuff you can read on the website. We did get our luggage tags. It’s just so fun that they print a booklet especially for you. I know. We’re so thrilled with the little things.

    Day 30

    It’s finally here. We made it to day 30! Today started off normal. We logged into our Disney Cruise Line reservations and checked to see if either of the two port adventures we wanted became available. Alhambra is still sold out. When we went to Ibiza day though, surprise! The hot rod experience we wanted to book has finally been added! When we first looked at port adventures this was high on our list. But Disney didn’t have it listed as an option for our cruise. We contacted the company that does this adventure directly, but they were already full for the day we were there. They had morning slots but we only had afternoon due to our port arrival times. Thy did ask us if we were coming by cruise ship and we mentioned yes. They said they would see what they could do, but we be never heard back. Our plan was to contact them shortly and see if anything opened up. But instead they worked it out with Disney to offer the adventure through them again. Fine by us. We prefer that since the timeline is close, and we don’t want the ship leaving without us. It’s also eaiser to pay. No Euros required for this one. We are so excited! What a great surprise for day 30! This is the reason it can be worth a few minutes everyday to check port adventure, tastings, and onboard actives for availability. Things get added, people cancel or change plans etc. Stuff does pop up. In Alaska a we got the brand new Tracy Arm port adventure added with less than  30 days to go. This time it’s hot rodding in Ibiza!

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