Disney Eastbound Transatlantic Cruise Part 13.

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  • June 27, 2019
  • Day  28.

    Today is when we really start getting ready for the trip. It’s still weeks away, but to fit all the getting ready things that have to be done into our crazy busy life, we start this far out. Everytime. Yup. It makes it so we don’t have a huge list to do every week, more managable. And we aren’t exhausted by the time we actually get to the vacation. Shortest and longest weeks ever at once! Hurry up embarkation day. 

    Day 27.

    We have somehow found myself conscripted by a friend to hunt down Tsum Tsum exclusives in Spain. No, not joking! We have now added a trip to the Disney Store to our Barcelona day list. We didn’t even bother to look for one before, but now we are apparently going to go get Spain Mickey and Minnies. These things better be in stock! We’ll probably end up with other crap we see and can’t live without. Thanks a lot!

    We also (by “we” we mean the planner in this deal) finished up planning our routes through Barcelona. The tsum tsum request came on good day. Since we wont have internet (we just aren’t there long enough or need it to bother to look at internet phone options for this trip) we printed out google maps with all our destinations on it. It took 4 full maps! Who knew google maps had a limit on add a destination to a planned trip! We put in what we wanted to see, and then moved them around to make routes with little to no back tracking. It felt so old fashioned. Google needs to work on a feature for maps where you put in all your destinations and it tells you the best way to see it all with the least amount of overlap walking. Sorta like Touringplans personalized Touring plans! We needed that right about now. 

    Anyway. It seems a bit strange and not sure what to do here, but all the planning is done! 27 days to go and we’re finished. All thats left is life, and packing. 

    Oh ya. Almost forgot. Got Euro’s today. Wow was that confusing. So we looked into ATM fees vs. getting the money here from an institution. Turns out, (after some mis-information that made it even more confusing!) it was about the same in costs for us to get it here. It was easier. We are set with Euros. Figured it was easier then credit cards etc for taxis, sight seeing in Lisbon, Barcelona, eating, shopping (for Tsum Tsums!) and we figured about the amount we needed, added in buffer (which will now cover tsum tsum costs!) and went with that. We’ll see if it’s enough! 

    Day 25

    The Marriott Renaissance Barcelona hotel price went down to almost as cheap as we booked it again. It seems there is a chance at last minute deals. Otherwise we got the best price. We have seen some good “deals” on other high end hotels. One started at 800 euro a night and is down to 450. Way to much for us, but a huge discount.

    We just keep plugging away and counting down! 

    In our continuing job saga there is a new possibility for more work on the table. Which would be great. We will see where that goes.

    Day 24.

    One of us was really excited to say that it was now day 24. So close! The other casually said “That’s an advent calendar away. “And boom. 24 days suddenly seems SOOOOO far away. When you start counting with the advent calendar from December 1st it feels like Christmas is about a million days away. And here one of us was, THINKING 24 days sounded so close….. And there aren’t even any fun little doors to open each day to count down…

    Day 20.

    We opened up our email after work to a notice from Disney that they canceled our Hotrod Port Adventure. The one we were so excited to get on day 30! We’ve yet again reached out directly to the company to see if they will do the port adventure. We’re guessing because they posted this as a option so close to the sailing they didn’t get enough sign ups so they canceled it. Really hoping we can book directly with the Hotrod group. We were so stoked to get this. It’s worse that we “had” it for a while. We wondered if this would happen, but figured hey Disney added it so we’re sure we’ll get to go…. nope. Good news is our back up option was still available so we re-signed up for that. 

    Day 19.

    Well we heard back from everyone. The hot rod company was like ya nope we won’t take you…. Disney emailed us a pad answer that told us step by step how to book a new port adventure. Seriously. It was really embarrassing for Disney. 

    All I can say is we cannot recommend The Fun Ride EU company for the hot rod experience. It looks like a ton of fun, and we’d love to have tried it, but we tried to book months before our trip and they just couldn’t make it work, then offered the experience thought Disney, then canceled it last minute, and no one seemed to care how it affected passengers. It’s to big a risk to book this experience knowing it could just disappear so easily. And you can’t even seem to book with them directly. Not reliable at all. To bad, we really wanted this. Thankfully our back up option was still avaliable. It’s a solid back up option of a tour of a necropolis and a museum. We really wanted something just fun, we have a lot of historical options in our port advnetures, but there just wasn’t anything else in Ibiza that sparked our interest. 

    Day 15.

    Woke up after one of us had a dream about checking in for the cruise. Tigger even helped! Maybe it’s time to get on the boat. Also found out via the Disney Parks blog that our cruise will be one of the Stars at Sea cruises where Broadway stars come onboard and do performances, Q and A’s lectures etc. A nice added bonus to find out about on day 15.

    Day 14.

    Today begins the real push to get stuff ready for the trip. Yes it seems crazy. We just find that if we work at it in manageable pieces we’re not running around crazy two days before we leave. We actually start pulling items to pack today. And a week from today, we pack. Yup. All but the things we need day to day we pack a week before. Our schedules are such that we really have to. It also gives time for the oops I forgot that items. We keep a packing list up to date so forgetting items is pretty rare these day. But packing a week ahead of time leaves room for issues like fining you need 3 bags not 2 for the formal the stuff you decided to pack. Our goal is two this trip. Two bags. 1 carry on and two personal items between both of us. We shall see if that happens a week from today! 

    Ended the day watching American Idol Disney day. Not big Idol fans but it seemed fitting for today. Was so busy though trying to get stuff done that sorta just watched it on in the background.

    Day 13.

    If you’re one of those people looking to get real ID before a trip. We just learned they mail it to you so it takes a few weeks after you apply to arrive. Until then they give you a paper. Not 100% sure but we doubt you can fly with that since it doesn’t even have a picture. Have another form of ID like a passport or give yourself at least a month before a trip to make sure it arrives. 

    We do our supplemental tips on the cruise in cash. We let them bill us for the basic amount then add cash to an envelope. We also bring cash for tipping room service. When we go to the bank to get tipping cash we know they must be curious why. This time they asked. We politely declined to answer. 

    And on the work front things have gotten crazy. We’ve had requests for work proposals so we are tying to get that done before heading off. We won’t be checking those messages. Sorry we go off grid on cruises. We need the break. Just counting down now. 

    Got an email from DCL reminding us our trip is coming up shortly. Not that we don’t really enjoy their hype emails to keep us excited, but who forgets they are cruising in 13 days? We’re counting down. Are people out there going ohhhh Yaaaa that’s in a few days, I almost forgot? The point of the email was to remind us to print out our check in form that says we did online check in. Already in the folder ready to go. 

    Ending the day watching Disney Wheel of Fortune week. They taped this earlier in the year. How do we know? One: Twitter didn’t tell us they were filming again. Two: they are using the same sad background of wood cut outs of the princesses earlier this year. So not joking….. And we wish if they were having a Disney week, the puzzles were Disney themed. This is more like Wheel of Fortune on location at Walt Disney world.

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