Disney Eastbound Transatlantic Cruise Part 14.

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  • June 27, 2019
  • Day 7

    How did it suddenly get here so fast? And yet it still feels so far away! Today is packing day. We are going to try to pack 16 days worth of clothing into two suitcases and one carry on. This should be interesting. The weather for the cruise is looking have highs from around 66-80 (excluding Miami which will be 88 or so!). We won’t be doing laundry for a number of reasons, one of which is who wants to do laundry on vacation?! We are pretty sure we can pack it all into the 2 large bars so we’re gonna just do that. It does require some planning, and some not taking that extra jacket, but it should fit. We did Alaska into two bags, one of which was smaller than the one we are taking this time, and we had tons of cold weather gear. Stay tuned to see how this works out….

    On the hotel watch front, our the rates for our Rennisance Barcelona hotel have gone down to almost as low as we paid, 3 weeks out from the day we’ll use it. It seems there is some hope for any last minute hotel bookings.

    Onto packing! 

    Well it took two hours. Yup. We are very used to packing and have a pretty quick system. Shorter trips we can pack in under an hour. This one took two. If your not used to packing, plan a few hours to get this done. Seriously you don’t want to be running around at midnight trying to make sure you have everything. We have master lists we use to pack. Even still we almost forgot the neck/side pillow. And on our 12 hour return flight we would have been VERY sad without it. 

    After gathering all but the things we have to leave until the last minute (cell phones, tooth brushes, formal wear so it stays nice) we put it all into our two checked bags and one carry on back. We each have a small personal item for documents, flight entertainment etc. The carry on we put mostly clothes and things we’d be devastated to lose. The checked bags we split our clothes so each bag has clothes for both people (imagine if one bag didn’t make the cruise) and all the other “stuff”. Everything from laundry detergent to mouth wash to licorice (we really did miss having a few snack items after a week in Alaska, we figure we’ll miss them even more after 2 weeks. There is only SO much cheesecake you can eat before you want some food from home). We first put in all the must haves for travel. Clothes, documents etc. Then we weighted the bags. One bag was close, one bag had plenty of room. So we put in the really want to haves, and weighed the second bag. Close. We still had the would really like to have stuff left to go. Not to mention souvenirs on the return trip. We still had plenty of room, but weight is not our friend on this trip. Why? Because coming home our airline tops out their baggage weight at 44lbs. That’s 6 lbs less per bag then US standard of 50lbs. Thats 12 lbs of stuff we couldn’t pack. Seriously thats a lot of stuff.  We would have fit it all into those 5 suitcases, no problem. We had plenty of room. We were just to close on the weight allowance. Soooo we had to go get another carry on. We REALLY didn’t want to be shlepping 2 large bags, 2 carry ons and 2 personal items. But it is what it is. I know I know if we washed the clothes we could have made it fine, but for a variety of reasons, this just is not an option. Period. So we will be shelping 6 bags. The good news is once we’re in Miami we just have to get them to the boat. That’s easy enough. (Hmmm do they pick up our luggage at Miami airport for us like they do Orlando or do we have to pick it up? They gave us those luggage tags…. Have to look into that one……) Once they are on the boat we don’t have to mess with them for 2 weeks! Can you imagine dragging all this around cities in europe? We unpack one and done. One of so many reasons cruising appealed to us in the first place! 

    Once were in Barcelona, it won’t be “fun” but since we don’t have a weight restriction, we should be able to put the personal items inside the bags and only have 4 separate pieces. We really wanted that number down to 3…… But it is what it is. It still seems rather impressive that we have 16 days worth of stuff in 2 large bags and 2 small ones. Oh and currently because we still have a few more items to pack (we have to wear SOMETHING for the next 6 days) we didn’t bother to bundle pack. WE just put it in to test the weight limits. Honestly though we may not bother. Because everything fit just fine. It wasn’t a “fit” issue, it was a weight to match our coming home from europe flight issues. Keep that in mind when you plan and pack. And research your airline carrier limits. Obviously in this case we lost 12 lbs, which was significant enough to warrant a fourth bag. 

    One more reason to pack a week out, you find out what items you thought you had enough of for 16 days and didn’t…. quick clothing run tonight! Glad we didn’t find that out 5 hours before we left. 

    Alright well everything is done on that front. Can we just fast forward 6 days please!!!! It is going to go by VERY fast with all the work we still have to complete, along with other daily tasks. But really it cannot come fast enough. This time in 1 week we will be almost able to enter our stateroom. 

    You know it’s bad when you watch the Disney Cruise Line planning dvd…….. again……..

    Day 5

    Jeopardy had a Picasso category today. More clues about Spain than Picasso. We finally heard how to say Malaga but only once didn’t help it stick! 

    Day 4

    Todays Jeopardy surprise was a Disney Facts category. We ran the category. A fun little surprise as we count down. Can it please go faster?!

    Day 3 

    Even though we want it to go faster, each day is going pretty fast because we have so much to do and squeeze in. Work is very complicated at the moment, which makes getting ready to vacation a bit challenging. We are ready to go! Only a few more days. It seems that we didn’t mention on day 30 that we have ramped up our don’t get sick routine from the 60 day version. It mostly means not eating anything anyone else made. We’re not talking prepackaged food, we mean dinner parties, restraunts, the cookies your co-worker brought in…… It’s honestly pretty hard to turn down food. Try it for 30 days and see how often you are offered food from someone. You’d think hardly at all, ya thats until you have to politely say no thank you. And unless you want to explain why your not eating their food to prevent the risk of getting sick…… ya…. We also start our airborne regiment, and ramp it up a notch at 2 weeks before the cruise. We continue to eat a fresh fruit of the day and also try to avoid people who have been ill. Thats a general statement, but we mean we hand sanitize a lot, we don’t go over to anyones house for events, coffee, play dates. We generally live like a hermit. Again we don’t do this for EVERY vacation, but big ones, especially cruises where if you are sick you can be denied boarding (for good reason which we support, and hope to never be sick). By Day 3 we are completely into the groove of it, but also ready to eat cheesecake! Ok or really anything other then the stuff we’ve been making ourselves for 30 days, not to mention no sweets for 60. All of this is subjective, our choices and only opinions. We are not recommending our health choices to anyone. Always check with your health care professionals before changing your health care routine, 

    Today is the last day to change Port Adventures. Unfortunately we didn’t see the HotRod stuff go back online, so we are going with our second choice there. And in Malaga our first two choices were sold out from before we could even book, so we are going with choice 3. Port arrival time is still the same, but we recently read that Miami’s earliest port arrival time is 11:00am, so our 11:30am may not be as bad as we thought. Really the next 3 days just need to fast forward!

    Day 2

    AHHHHH. That’s how today sorta feels. Actually we are doing pretty well. All our prep for the last month, makes today pretty easy as far as getting ready goes. It’s just a busy day in general, add in vacation tomorrow and phew. 

    Day 2 a bit later. Well that job situation that started on day 45 has been resolved! 2 days before we board, a new opportunity was finalized and that fills the gap left by the loss of work. We will now leave on vacation releaved.  What a weight off! Now we have even more to do today! We can also now enjoy purchasing the drinks of the day, watching movies and whatever else. Stress free. The new opportunity is an exciting one, so even though we will be coming back to new work, we’re excited about it. We will set it all aside for the two weeks while we cruise though. Job hunting is never fun, but the lesson here is not to panic if something happens so close to your cruise. We were able to find new work in 43 days. How crazy is that! What a weight off. Ok now let’s go! 2 days is gonna take forever now.

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