Disney Eastbound Transatlantic Cruise Part 15.

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  • February 14, 2020
  • Day 1

    Having the morning at home was nice, no crazy rush, but also torture. Just get us on the plane! Since we had to commute a bit to a larger airport to get our red eye flight we left mid-afternoon. We were all ready to go an hour before we planned to leave, and with nothing else to do we figured let’s just get on the road. Boy we’re we glad we did. 3 accidents in route. 2 within 2 miles of each other. Even still we got to the airport and returned our one way rental- since we were flying in from a different airport and because it will be 2 weeks till we’re back- and were in the airport 30 minutes before we had planned to be. Checking our bags was a breeze. I’ve never gotten through it so fast. Zero line. Mostly automated but still. The check in agent noticed our Disney shirt and showed us her awesome water bottle. We then showed her all our hidden mickeys in our travel gear. It was a fun encounter.  

    After that we got through airport security crazy fast and were at our gate, we just relaxed and a few minutes before boarding got ready for bed minus the pjs (which I saw several people wearing…….) we found our seats, extra leg room included! Got all our stuff put away, and got the clueless never flown family with a loud toddler in the two rows in front of us. They actually blocked up the plane all the way from half way to the entrance trying to find their seats. They had carry out packages full of food. I felt so bad for the people in their rows…. time to plug in the noise canceling headphones. Seriously these people were like that commercial for batteries where they ask maybe it won’t matter if you sit next to the loud talker. We were also right. Next to the bathroom thanks to the airplane reassignment. We’ll see how that goes all night. Even with the noise canceling headphones- the good kind- we could still hear that family in front of us! Hoping they quiet down after take off. Maybe if we put on a movie it will drowned them out. It could have been worse, the sick people could have been in our section. Heres to sleep! Soon we will be in Miami. 

    Noooooooo we downloaded a ton of Disney movies, we went to start one and it says none are downloaded! How is that possible ? We triple checked it. To late now as we take off….. lucky our back up device has some old stuff, not what we wanted to watch but something to drowned out the noise and help us doze…… Hopefully our destination airport has internet so we can download a few. We downloaded 17 of them before we left and none are working! Ok so still no idea what happened but just found the back up movie. That will have to do. Not ideal but it’s something.

    *Captains log somewhere over the desert 23 hundred hours. Mutinty is emanate after a group of roundly space travelers behaved so badly that the rest of the passengers and crew threatened to mutiny if they weren’t dropped off at the next space port. *

    Seeiously though we are two hours into the flight and the loud family shows no signs of quieting down! The toddler babbles, the kids yell and pass food and drinks between their rows, it’s so bad they moved other passengers in their row. Seriously. There will be no sleeping on this flight. We keep hoping they will stop yelling, turning their lights off and on , throwing stuff on the ground so hard you can feel the floor shake two rows back. They might be the worst behaved group we’ve ever traveled near. 

    Cruising Day 1.

    We arrived at the Miami airport after very little sleep on that flight. We headed to luggage and picked up all our bags and then dragged them over to the Starbucks located nearby. We sat down at a table to eat breakfast, and since the Starbucks wasn’t crowded we ended up sitting there for several hours. We then stacked up our bags and walked all the way to the other end of the airport where the Disney transportation bus area is. WOW it was FAR. If you arrive with a ton of luggage and kids, this walk from where our flight/luggage arrived to the Disney area will not be fun. It took us a while, maybe 10-15 minutes. We then walked back to our “area”, used the restrooms and decided it was just about time to head out and ask for a taxi to the port. It was a really easy process, and waiting the 3 hours in the airport luggage didn’t end up being bad at all. We relaxed at Starbucks and had a leisurely breakfast.

    The ride to the Cruise terminal from the aiport was only 15 minutes. We happily handed over all our bags except our small personal bags to the porter and walked over to see if we could enter the terminal yet. There was already a line of people waiting for security to open as we arrived at 10:20am. They opened security up and we went through pretty quickly, and up the stairs to check in. We didn’t wait long to check in. During check in they informed us that they would be taking out passports at this point, and not returning them until about 9 days into our cruise. Wait WHAT? We asked for clarification. They agent informed us that they would take our passport and hold it until our first port of Ponta Delgata on day 7. At that point they would pick up a customs officer who would stay on the ship for two days clearing all the passages until we arrived in Lisbon, Portugal. Apparently this is really common, but we’d never heard about it. It felt really really strange to just hand over your passport to not to see it again for over a week as you board a boat bound for another country. Oh well. They are letting us onboard so thats all that counts!

    We were completely checked in and waiting to board the ship by 11:10am. We had group 7 boarding and we boarded the ship by 12:16pm. That last hour sitting waiting looking at the ship was the most exciting and tortuous!

    On Board!

    As soon as we boarded the ship we split up. One of us made a beeline run up to Senses Spa to pick up the length of cruise Rainforest Room pass, the other one ran over to the Promenade lounge to book tastings. Well getting the length of cruise Rainforest room pass didn’t take long at all. The staff asked if we had been in the Rainforest room, and since this was our first time on the Magic we mentioned that no not on this ship, and they offered to give us a tour of the room. Sure. It was a no sales pitch no pressure, just here take a look. Would have been a perfect time to take pictures but somehow that felt really strange…. After picking up the spa pass the plan was to meet back up for lunch at Lumiers. Since we were still on land we were texting back and forth, and since the line didn’t seem to long for tastings and there was a line to get into the MDR (sit down service) lunch, spa pass got in line for that. Well the lunch line moved very quickly, the tasting booking line did not.

    After writing out the whole convoluted tale of the long lunch wait, it just seemed confusing and crazy. To sum it up, the line for booking a tasting took over 30 minutes thanks to one group not knowing what they wanted to book. One of us waited and waited and waited at a table for the other one. The cruise staff were very kind and understanding for the wait. The “long wait” did end up becoming a running joke during our entire cruise with the wait staff.

    After lunch we headed to our cabin which was ready! It was out first time in a Verandah room. Wow, what a great room!

    We unpacked and one of us took a nap until our Muster Drill that wasn’t a drill. We went to our station, and no staff were there to check us in. This seems weird…. We started to go look for a crew member along with about half the ship who were wonder what was up? Apparently they listed the wrong time for the Muster Drill on one of schedules….. oops. So we headed back to our room to enjoy the balcony for a bit more until the actually Muster Drill.

    Back out for the real Muster Drill, it was really quick, and then off to the Rainforest Room for some chill time before dinner! The non-rainforest user spent that time in the gym. We cleaned up for dinner and then headed to our Main Seating dinner. We prefer main seating because it’s closer to the time we are used to eating dinner while at home. We normally are in bed on the cruise by midnight, so we don’t really want to be finishing dinner close to 10pm (on this cruise second seating didn’t even start until after 8:00pm). We met our serving team tonight. They are great. We got the Mickey Caramel Pecan Chai. It was amazing! And you can’t beat the look.

    After dinner we went back to our stateroom to check in with our stateroom host and see about getting some body wash. We had shampoo, conditioner and a bar of soap. We know that in the resorts they have H2O body wash, which we prefer over the bar soap. We asked our stateroom attendant about getting some. He kindly said he would look into it. We came back and bit later, and he had given us 2 bottles of the blue sun care stuff. Not exactly what we wanted. We mentioned we were looking for the body wash that is normally in a yellow bottle. He said he would have to check with a supervisor but didn’t think they had it onboard… Well we had planned on that being our soap…. so we headed for the ship stores to purchase one of their large sized bottles of the H2O body wash. It was actually cheaper than buying it on land! We also somehow forgot deodorant and wanted to look at the shirts available.

    We did our shopping and headed back to the room. We sat on out the balcony and almost fell asleep. We didn’t want to doze off just yet so we got up and walked down to the small shop on Deck 3 to see what they were offering. We ended up meeting a cast member who was on the Wonder with us in Alaska. We ambled around Deck 4 for a bit and then headed in for the evening show. It was the intro show where you get a sampling of the upcoming acts. We ended up loving the comedy/magician (which we expected to hate) and we’ve made plans to see his act later in the cruise.

    After the show we headed up to Decks 9 and 10 to walk around The front part of Deck 10 was closed due to strong wind. It felt like a scene out of the opening of Mary Poppins! We decided to head inside and walk some of the halls. People really like their door decor on this cruise. Almost every door we passed was completely covered!

    One of us headed out to the first tasting, and the other one crashed. We haven’t really slept at this point for 2 days. That nap on the red-eye flight with the crazy family did not count.

    Stats for our cruise: 2100 cruisers total. 400 Platinum cruisers,400 Gold cruisers, 1700 USA cruisers, 32 nationalities, 140 Canadian cruisers, 140 UK cruisers, 400 kids (a normal cruise on the Magic has about 1000 kids). And we will be the first cruise ever to see the two night separate Rapunzel’s Royal Table shows. Until this cruise they had been doing them as a combined one night show. There were also several new game shows listed for this cruise and a vinegar and oil tasting.

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