Disney Eastbound Transatlantic Cruise Part 16.

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  • February 14, 2020
  • Cruising Day 2

    The day started way to early. 4 am. No we were not jet lagged. We actually have a great trick for not getting jet lagged and haven’t been jet lagged in years. The issue here is one of us has beeen waking up at 4 at home, so come cruise day there was every hope of sleeping in. No. Those late nights are going to make this 4 am thing tough. Maybe by the end we can sleep like a normal human again. We have a spring forward an hour time change tonight so hey 4 becomes 5 right? The other one slept while 4amer chilled out. Trying to yet again get the movies anywhere app to work. After yesterday’s refusing to work in the airplane, logging in before we sailed, getting it all set. Today again it says you are not logged in and you have no stored movies. It seems like it’s a bug, but wow what a doozy. It makes watching offline impossible. Netflix is fine. We would have brought the portable hard drive if we knew this was going to be an issue. But figured the app would work no problems. Disney movies anywhere always did. The new and improved Movies Anywhere however does not! Thinking of going to the connect at sea desk today to see if they have any ideas. Thankfully a bunch of the movies we want to watch are on the new on demand tv watching. It has a wide selection, but as a note it is not every movie or even every animated or popular movie Disney makes. And funnily enough a decent amount of the movies we downloaded are on there. It will work since we can’t see to watch anything on the phone….

    Apparently 6am has some other movers. We thought it would be us and the cleaning crew. But the drink station had a crowd and there were enough people milling about. Maybe that’s what you get on a cruise with large percentage of retiree aged cruisers? Don’t get it wrong, there are still a good number of younger cruisers but the average age is much higher than our Alaskan cruise. We’re good with that.

    Late last night our stateroom host came through with body wash! After we bought some. Oh well. It won’t go bad. We use it at home anyway. They really do go above and beyond to help you out. We left our room and come back last night and even our swim suits are hung up. We draped them over the tub because we were almost late to dinner. 

    Sitting here at 6:45 on deck 9, killing time till Cabanas opens since we’re starving, or at least the one of us who is awake is. It’s funny to realize how often we forget to just relax and slow down. No internet, no twitter, no downloaded movies. Just the open ocean to watch. It almost feels weird to not have anything to make your brain do next. 

    • Speaking of sitting by on deck 9. You may remember that one of us doesn’t feel the ship move hardly at all. Well it is windy. More so then we thought it would be. Or at least one of us thought that. Last night when we were walking around in the wind one of us commented on that and the other goes well it just might have to do with the lack of mountains or land or anything to stop it. It seems so. It’s so rocky the water in the goofy pool is noticeably moving side to side as the ship rocks. It looks like a wave pool. And  yes the one who can’t feel the movement hardly even feels that. 

    Our stateroom does creak a bit though. Like the way an older house does in a storm. It’s not enough to keep us up but it is noticeable.

    Today’s plan…. none. A rainforest room visit for sure and Match your Mate tonight. Otherwise whatever we feel like. Right. Now one who is up feels like scrambled eggs. Time for breakfast to open! It’s still 10 minutes and were sure there is already a line starting. But really we’re gonna try to soak in the deck air. We’re crusing steamer ship old school style across the Atlantic. Who gets to do that?! Not many people. We’re gonna try to remember that and soak it all in as much as we can each day. One day is already gone. Boy how it goes so fast. 

     Oh boo cabanas is 7:30 Daisy a delights is 7:00am. Maybe a quick snack to hold us over until eggs! Ok getting sprayed by wind blown deck cleaning water from above. Maybe time to move!

    Day 2 onward 

    During our early morning deck walk we learned 7am is the time they start playing music on deck apparently. We Disney music but the silence was wonderful. Just you and the ocean- we saw tons of little lights off in the way distance. Almost like oil rigs but to far out we thought for that. It seems that was the Bahamas! Ok breakfast is open. Or Daisy’s Delights is. Time for some munchies.

    Cinnamon roll to start the day. You’ll see that as a theme in any food pictures we take. Eat and enjoy first. Document later. We really do try to live in the moment.

    Fozones treats opens at 7? I hope that’s for smoothies. Cause booze at 7 am mighty be just a tad…… early?

    Ok so tried a new food for breakfast. One of us always thought the idea of a runny egg was nasty. But since it’s a buffet and a cruise we tried an tomato and egg Benedict. Wow amazing. Round that out with eggs cheese and potato’s. Very balanced second breakfast…. 

    After breakfast one was still sleeping so to the Rainforest Room. It’s awesome having the length of cruise pass. It may be a lot of money, but just being able to go up there whenever is a blast. After almost 90 minutes back to the room assuming the second one would be up. Nope. Showers and dressed for trivia. Worked on our door decoration that had a minor issue the night before but was at the end of a to long a day to care it was messed up. Our amazing stateroom host was hanging around outside. Everyone of his rooms but one were still sleeping. At 9:30am! We chatted for awhile, thanked him for the delivery of soap and finally we were both alive. While one got ready the other went to trivia. Wow those questions were supposed to be medium to hard. The winning group had 20 outa 25. It was rough. The average was about 10 out of 20. Then is was to get some Gingerale and coffee.

    Then back to the room to chill. Ended up on the verandah. It’s great to get away from the busyness of the ship. We ordered the sail away plate, fruit plate and two chocolate chip cookies from room service. They tell you it will be there in 30. One of us ran up to Cove for coffee and in the time it took to order and return to the room we had the room service. About 10 minutes or less. After that we went to Cabanas for lunch. No we didn’t eat that much! One of us wanted a light lunch. The one who was up and had a huge breakfast! The other wanted lunch. So we both went and walked in and our server was greeting at the door. We told her only one was here for food one for dessert. She laughed and looked surprised. We’re guessing by the end she’ll realize that’s pretty common. One of us ran into our host from the first day lunch from Lumiere embarkation day. He asked for the other one of us by name! And he wants to know where they were. After pointing out where they were, he goes “oh good”. It’s so impressive after one encounter he remembered our names. We probably stood out since it took forever for us to start lunch due to the tasting sign up issues. But honestly to know our faces and names. Super impressive. 

    After lunch we took a walk around the deck, and took picture with Goofy inside. Next we went to the Danny Buckman show. That is worth every second of your time. It’s so good we are considering going to see the same show again later today. His interactions with volunteers make 3/4th the show not the magic. Which means each one is someone different

    Next we met Mickey, and then headed for drinks and ice cream. Then we went to one of the new game shows, a Cogsworth show. Then it was time for a nice nap before dinner.

    Dinner was in Rapunzel’s Royal Table and including a goat cheese and beet appetizer that was amazing. It was so awesome that when the dessert menus were presented one of us asked if we could just have the beet appetizer for dessert? Our server was shocked? She then said she would go and ask if that was possible? She came back with the delicious appetizer and told us the chef was thrilled someone liked his creation that much to ask for it for dessert!

    We stopped after dinner to meet Chip and Dale, and thought about meeting Pluto but the line was long so we skipped it. We did meet up with Minnie before heading to our room. We had some awesome blanket art! Instead of using a towel they used the bed runner blanket to make an animal. We then had to get a new internet password from Internet services due to some sort of issue. After all that we just relaxed in the room, and watched the on demand videos about with ship tours and information. Are we the only ones who love to watch those? We headed to the Match your Mate at 10:30pm, realizing we had a time change and then an early breakfast appointment! The choices we make on vacation…..

    We collapsed into bed close to midnight. We had a great first full day on the Magic.

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