Disney Eastbound Transatlantic Cruise Part 17.

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  • March 4, 2020
  • Day 3

    We finally slept. The alarm went off for the character breakfast. It hurt getting up. Now it’s clear why there were so many openings for this breakfast! We had Match your mate the night before, a time change and even with breakfast starting at 8:45am it was awful. The crew looked more out of it then we did. We got asked twice for our drink order and three times for our food order. No one remembered what table to go to or who had served who. Even still meeting the characters was fun and the characters now have handlers. Thank goodness. You have to stay seated when they come and their handlers take your photo. Unlike Alaska where we had to ask our table mates to swap taking photos. We also didn’t have any table mates. No one did. Maybe because of more sea days to spread out breakfast. We were almost hoping to meet some people. Feels like everyone has friends on the ship already from repeat cruises or family they brought. It would be nice to meet up with some people. Everyone is super friendly but it’s more casual. We finished breakfast and met Mickey Minnie and Goofy in 30 minutes so went down to ultimate Disney trivia. We did better than the regular trivia. 13/25.

    After trivia is we had the princess meet and greet. They were super backed up and it took us almost 45 minutes. Usually it’s like 10-15. There was one distinguished gentleman in a tux meeting the princesses. It was so fun to watch. Next was the gym and rain forest room for us. The rainforest room was crowded! So was the gym. In general the ship feels like everyone woke up and stopped sleeping and are all moving about the ship at the same time. Not crowded at all! But crowded compared to yesterday. After that we hit up Cabanas so one of us could get a dessert for lunch. It’s vacation. After a couple hours in the gym spa we headed to the vinegar and olive oil tasting. It was just off the shelf stuff, nothing super expensive or exciting but if you’ve ever been curious to learn the history or basics it was great. We enjoyed it. It was free what can you really complain about? We’ll be doing the cheese one in a few days. 

    Back up to deck 9 for pizza and ice cream after an unfortunate instant dislike to one of the lemon oils. The after taste would not leave! Pizza and cream will for sure cure that right?

    Then back to the room to spruce up for Mickey and friends. We had forgotten they do this Meet and Greet and saw it when we came out of oil tasting. Thanks to the app we found they were doing it again at 3:45. Sitting in the lobby starting at 3:20. Only one other group but we want to be near the front since we’re gonna run to vibe for adults only time. 

    Meeting all fab 5 characters in one photo was awesome. Vibe was ok. They played group party games had the VR open and the arcade games. All the other video games were closed cause it was so full of people playing party games. We bailed went back to the room and one of us might have slept till the dinner alarm went off. Dinner was great. After three nights we still haven’t met our head server which seems really weird. We like our dining team though. Our server is awesome. Our assistant server is warming up to us. They are so worried we don’t eat enough. We ate more today then we eat in 2 days at home.

    We then went and walked deck 4, followed by some time to enjoy the sunset on our balcony. We watched the nighttime show, then ran and dropped some stuff at the room and just wandered the ship enjoying the spaces. Of course we lost another hour tonight so headed to bed.

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