Disney Eastbound Transatlantic Cruise Part 18.

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  • March 4, 2020
  • Cruising Day 4.

    Woke up to the hall annoucement that the crew was having a drill and it was 9:50am! We tossed on clothes ran up to cabanas and saw Brian again. One got ready while the other ate a fast breakfast and got in line for our Frozen meet and greet. We had to be early and first for that to make it to our next plan. Frozen meet and greet was fast easy and didn’t include Olaf this time. Next we went one floor up to the movie theater for Infinity War. We were early but people were hovering already. We figured we’d just go in and watch the end of the previous movie. So we saw the last 20 minutes of Peter Rabbit and then had amazing seats for Infinity War. 

    Well they might have converted another person into a Marvel fan. One of us has seen all of the movies, one of us saw Guardians……… but wow that was a great movie.

    After the movie we booked it down a flight to Animators for the cheese tasting. Even being 4 minutes late they were still seating people and still had plenty of room. We were seated at a table with two other groups of two. One group didn’t talk to us and one group spoke another laungage. Joke was on them cause we speak the same language but didn’t say anything. One mostly just translated for the other. So at least they were not talking about us. 

    After that we went and got french fries and ice cream for lunch. Very well rounded……..

    Then one went to the rainforest room. The chair hogs are reallly an issue. They should have a gentle shock that goes off if your in the chair more than say 30 minutes….. or turn off the heat or something. 

    When we left we checked the clock in the locker room and it said 3. We knew that was wrong cause we came in after three so we asked the attendant who says 3:08. Were like no: it was probably 4pm. We left the spa and on the way to our stateroom stopped at Cove cafe and got desserts. Get back to the room and it’s 5:19! Ya they haven’t been changing the clocks in the spa or gym. That’s an issue. 

    Showered dressed and made it to dinner for the Fantastic show. 

    Then we did the 3-7 challenge. This might have been the challenge we made for running up and down the stairs. Honestly can’t remember!

    We went to see Edge effect for the night show. Then Down to Fathoms to see Danny Buckler. He is hilarious. We stayed for Frozen phrases and one went to a scotch tasting. 

    Off to the room to relax and then bed. No time change tonight!

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