Disney Eastbound Transatlantic Cruise Part 19.

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  • March 5, 2020
  • Cruising Day 5.

    Woke up early. 9am. Not early in normal lift, but early for the time change from hell cruise! Made it to Lumiere’s for breakfast by 9:35am. We had Waffle dulche de leech and French toast. 

    Then to the room and off to the spa/gym. Then back to the room to relax and one napped. Disney music trivia with a 40.3 out of 45 got all the names right. 

    Then to the lounge for Inside out memory orbs. Such a great idea. They used a large plastic ornament, instant camera and lots of paper craft items to make a “Memory Orb” ornament. Totally free too.

    After that we stopped at guest services to take care of a gift card we had. Then outside stroll on deck 4. Then back to the room to finish watching Hunchback and rest. 

    The next thing we went to was Dinner and we even mastered the 4 crayons for a square puzzle our assistant server gave us at dinner. We headed back to the room via deck 6 to door look. Rest relax and chill until the Disney on Broadway stars set sail live in concert. Kara Lindsay and Kevin Massey 

    Kara and Kevin’s show was great. They did their life journey in Disney songs! Found our Kara is from our home town. Who knew!

    After that we walked up to deck 9 so one of us could get a late night pizza snack. Then it was a little Lilo and Stich on the room tv and bed. It turned out to be a really chill and relaxing day.

    Cruising Day 6.

    We can’t believe it’s been almost a week! It’s going so fast. Really glad we still have an entire second week. How do people do a 3 day cruise? We’re on day 6 and just settling in. It’s hard to tell if we’re doing better about relaxing more. We are doing less activities and not feeling as bad if we just sit and watch a movie in the room. That’s a hard lesson to learn. Our first cruise we wanted to fit it all in in case it was our only cruise ever. Now we’re trying to do highlights but not worrying about if we miss something like towel folding. We’ve done it before. It probably becomes easier after your 20th cruise like so many of the people on our boat! 

    Well one of us set an alarm to get up to have breakfast and see the Last Jedi. 

    Cabanas was so empty they have one entire side closed off. No serving there. It was a nice side to sit on. We bussed our plate back to the working side.

    Went down to Jedi at 8:30am and was the third person inside. By 8:45 there were 20 people. The first person in the theater was sitting with his feet on the seat. So sat a few seats down from him. Then a person moved behind our seat and was sniffing the entire time. Which was super annoying. So moved down 10 seats. Then people who were blowing their nose and talking the entire time sat behind our seat. Gonna move again. Come on! We just want to sit in peace. There are like 400 seats and you all pick to sit by us. Moved down one more row. The people behind me laughed when we moved but we just didn’t want to listen to talking the entire movie. Hopefully these seats stay isolated. Normally these movies are packed. Guessing the 9am start after a time change might just be the trick to an empty theater!

    Ok so maybe we dosed a tiny bit during one scene…. this hour stuff is biting now….. After the movie went back up to the room to meet up with second one and went to future cruise booking the line was short and since they released the itineraries for the fall and you can start booking them on Monday for platinum we knew the booking desk would be swamped. All we needed to do was reshop a cruise and rebook. It was easy enough we just have to cancel the first cruise at home now. They can’t cancel it for us. Interesting though that it has our cancel date day in 6 days when it’s supposed to be a month from now. The desk couldn’t figure out why but sent out and email to figure it out. Hey will let us know the results. We still aren’t 100% sure if we can go. We still have a few details to work out. We also triple checked that if we cancel this cruise we will still keep an active place holder because we may want to use it later. It took a bit of explaining but they assured us yes. Let’s hope so.

    After that it was time for some ice cream -pineapple flavored- and lunch. Then a stop at the room to drop stuff off and pick up cameras to line up for Mickey and friends pirates. 30 minites ahead of time and there are people in line. We are first however.

    Ran from that to questions and answers with Kara and Kevin. Then did a meet and greet with them. Then met Smee and Hook and then went for drinks.

    Back to the room to rest a bit and relax and fix our door decor again. Lesson here being stronger magnets. Then down to D23 disney tunes you didn’t know were Disney tunes trivia.

    We forgot to make a note for the rest of this day, so it must have not been to exciting. Probably dinner and bed!

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