Disney Eastbound Transatlantic Cruise Part 22.

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  • March 20, 2020
  • Day 9.

    Today started off with the fog horn of the ship going off. We made it to Cabanas at 11:10am for breakfast. Yeah….. Ok these time changes just eat into your morning, but it’s vacation so who cares? The crew has the worst of it. They still have to work despite the ridiculous time changes. Early in the morning they try their best to be cheery, but you can tell they are mostly asleep. Cabanas was down to one line and it was crazy crowded as everyone tried to get breakfast before they closed at 11:30am.

    After we finished breakfast we headed around the ship to walk around. We took some really fun pictures in the portholes down on deck 3. Next one of us had a scalp massage scheduled in the Spa. This item is often not listed on the services menu, but for $25.00 USD you get about a 30 minute massage with frangipani oil. It was super relaxing. Of course then it was time to shower off the oil and then head into the Rainforest room.

    Several hours later we emerged from the Rainforest room in time for a quick shower and to change and then we both headed down to knot tying. This was an interesting event. It was one of the crew, by that I mean people who actually sail the ship, who ran the class. They made it easy and fun for all ages, and they had a helper to walk around and try to help you do it correctly. They showed you around 5-10 different kinds of knots commonly used in sailing. If you’ve done any time of outdoor ed. classes you’ve probably seen a few of these before, but it was a fun way to wile away some time at sea.

    Since we had breakfast basically at lunch time…… we had skipped any kind of lunch. This seemed liked a perfect time to head up to the included soft serve machine for a snack. Banana ice cream today. It’s probably one of the favorite actives for us. We go every day to see what new flavor they have in the rotation. They almost always have chocolate and vanilla and a third flavor that changes. This is one of our preferred snacks of the cruise. Hey we are walking all those stairs right…. We went back to relax in our room and enjoy the view. Today was the last day to relax before we hit the Port-Port-Port-Port part of our trip.

    Next we headed down to the shops do to a little browsing and shopping. Once you’re in port the stores are only open in the evenings after you set sail again. We figured this would be a good time to pick out a few things we knew we were planning to purchase. We walked back up to our room and dropped off our purchases, and then headed out for Disney Tunes Trivia. We love trivia, but Disney tunes trivia is probably our favorite. We never win but we have a blast playing. We grabbed one of our travel games when we left the room with the idea to play after trivia, so once we once we had proven we do not know every Disney song after only 8 bars we played our game and then rounded it off with a bit of chess. Before too long it was time for dinner so we headed to the dining room for the evening. This far into the cruise it’s hard to keep all the dinners straight. It was probably fine.

    After Dinner we went to see Kara and Kevin’s show in the Adult’s venues. It was fun, but their main show was still the best. We headed back to the room to relax a bit. Suddenly the fog horn went off again. It was REALLY loud. Due to our room placement it felt like it was in the room. We hoped it wouldn’t go off all night. It continued to go off ever few minutes until we left our rooms for our late night entertainment.

    The good part about all these time changes is the late night events we normally struggle to stay awake for, were not nearly as challenging to get to. We split for the evening with one of us headed to a tasting, and the other headed to the adults only time in the Oceaneer Lab. The adults only time was fun, if not a little awkward. There were about 10 adults in the kids club, and 2-3 staff. They tried to get us all excited about being there, but we all sort of just ambled around. The light tracing table was fun and we did make a few art tracings to give to family. They did also offer the “cell” painting activity. This is really cool and we’ve since done it at home. Basically you trace a picture (Disney Character in this case) onto a transparency (remember those) using a Sharpy. And then you paint the image sorta like a paint by number without the numbers. It turns out really cool. Several people were working on this, but it felt like it would take a long time. They started the sloppy science show and basically begged the adults to come watch. It was mildly amusing. Again it just felt so awkward. I’m sure kids love it though. It seemed perfect for the age group it was designed for.

    In theory these adults only times in the kids clubs seem like a great idea. Maybe with the right mix of people/friends it would be a blast. For us the two we went to fell really flat. It was off to the room to read for a bit and then head to bed. Tomorrow starts our intensive week of a new port each day.

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