Disney Eastbound Transatlantic Cruise Part 24.

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  • June 22, 2020
  • Wednesday 

    Our alarm went off at 8:00am and we stumbled around and got ready and went to Cabanas for breakfast. Lots of good choices but the menu seems to repeat the same basic stuff every morning. We eat basically the same breakfast every day at home so varsity isn’t such a big deal but on the days we treat it like a brunch it does tend to feel a bit repetitive. We took our food and walked up the stairs to sit up on deck 10 behind Palo. It was a bit windy at first but as we slowed down as we began to dock it was almost pleasent. 

    We gave ourselves a bit more time today so we didn’t have to rush through eating. We had time to walk around deck 10 and take in all the sights. We docked on the starboard side today but port side also had a view of the city. It’s a inlet type port with views on 3 sides.  

    We went back to our room and asked our stateroom host for a dry cleaning slip. We looked all over the room for it and couldn’t find it. He said it should be in the closet. We couldn’t see it if it was so he said he’d deliver one. Dry cleaning on the ship is cheap. Thanks for the tip Scott from the Disney Cruise Line blog. We are having our formal wear cleaned so it goes home fresh. Easier to do it here and one less errand at home once we’re back. 

    We had another meeting point for our tour in Fathoms which was such a disaster Sunday that we arrived at 9:25am for a 9:45am Port Adventure meeting time. They had less people lined up so it wasn’t bad at all. They took the people who needed more time to load from our group to walk to the gangway first. A few people obviously needed the extra time. And it at least seemed to us that a decent amount of people went just to load into the bus first …….. really people…..

    We unloaded on a tiny ramp from deck 1. It was more like the ramp used for tendering to a tiny ship. We loaded our bus, and tried to decide what seat to choose. We didn’t want to sit next to the coughing child or this couple from our Sunday tour who is “world travelers” and talk down about everyone on the tour to themselves but you can hear. We decided to sit near the front of the bus and won the America’s on tour lottery of seat mates.  

    We stopped after 45 minutes at a gas station for a potty stop. They also had coffee and snacks for purchase. We love shopping for world snacks. We bring home strange and unusual flavored snacks from anywhere we go. Here we got ham and cheese flavored Ruffles potato chips, a Bounty candy bar and a strawberry licorice stick. We have seen Prosciutto flavored Ruffles a few times now, but haven’t decided if we want to try those. We may still pick some of those up.

    After we got everyone back on the bus we drove to Seville and went driving through the pavilion from the 1929 worlds fair. We then stopped and walked with our guide to the restaurant they booked for us to try tapas. The waiters did not speak English and they claimed not to have the one item that is vegetarian that we planned to order. They were willing to created another item thanks to the help of some Spanish speaking guests on the tour. This felt like where DCL and the guide should have worked together. It is always noted we travel with a vegetarian, so why wasn’t the restaurant and guide informed also? We’ve had other tours handle this with little to no issue. This just felt like a miss. Having the guide confirm the diet restriction and assist in any translations needed would have been an easy fix. We were very rushed to finish our meal and then met another local tour guide who assisted our main guide to give a tour of the castle and cathedral. From the start she was rushed and didn’t have a kind attitude. This was her second tour of the day but a little more sugar would have been good. We had to wait in a short line for the castle and she was on microphones and we had ear pieces so we could all hear. We some how continually ended up in the back of the group even though we are not slow. She would go so far away we would loose signal and she’s start yelling “everyone here? good moving on.” And we were like we’re not there we can here you but we’re far away! We just continued to follow the people from our group in front of us and we all made it…… probably. At the end of the castle we noticed we hadn’t seen one couple in a while. We figured they decided not to do the castle and waited outside. As our tour guide led us through a rushed walking tour of the Jewish quarter of the city we actually passed that couple. Apparently they had gotten separated from the group all the way back on the way to the castle! And she didn’t notice one bit. Next we went to the cathedral. We waited in more long lines for restroom stops. Our bus guide kept reminding us when we had any restroom stops because they were not often on our packed day. Once we were all together the local guide decided to finally count heads….. what a thought. She was missing counting us because we were steps away taking pictures. We then entered the cathedral main building from the courtyard. Wow! Her guided tour of it was ok but the cathedral was amazing. We ended a few minutes before the actual end time. So maybe she could have waited for people to catch up! We took tons of photos which still feels a little weird in a church. We decided to use some of our 45 minutes of city free time to stay in the cathedral. Once you left the cathedral your ticket didn’t let you enter again so we had one chance. We decided to walk around and then go up the tower that was the old tower from the mosque. It was build in the 1300s. Crazy. We went up and back down the ramps. All 33 of them. And then ran back to some shops we saw. We had time to look try on and buy one item we saw. We didn’t even have time for the other store to get a small item. We ran back to our pre- arranged meeting spot with our bus guide and we were 3 minutes early. We snapped a few photos. And at exactly 3:45 we left. Walked to the bus, loaded on and went to the pavilion of Spanish. It was less than 5 minutes drive. About half the bus didn’t bother to get out for this stop. What a shame. We saw the “inside” of the Pavilion from the worlds fair in 1929. Stunning. It was a short 15 minute stop and yet our bus guide didn’t make it feel rushed like our castle and cathedral guide did. After that it was back on the bus and headed home. We passed several other Disney tours all day. We sorta descend on towns when we’re in ports it seems. Now just a 90 minute bus ride back to the ship to board right at all aboard time. Since it’s a Disney tour they will be holding the ship for us.

    Overall we really enjoyed this tour, minus the slightly rushed feeling. Seeing Seville was top on the list for one of us, and after going on this tour, it became top for both! The castle is really enjoyable, and we wished we had more time to see more of it, but felt we got a good overview. The Seville Cathedral is stunning. There are no words. It feels like several football fields put together in different directions and covered in gold. It is the largest Gothic Cathedral in Europe outside of the Vatican. And it was built long before power tools! We loved the feel of the town of Seville, with its narrow streets and charming shops and places to eat.

    *Update. Our time in Seville has become one of our favorite destinations. After recently re-reading this entry, we realized we had completely forgotten about the fast moving guide and the feeling of being rushed. If you asked us what we thought about Seville now, we tell you it’s on our top list to return to. We loved the town, the shops, the Cathedral, and the general feeling of Seville. Apparently as time passes a grumpy guide may not ruin an experience in the long term memory after all. We had certainly forgotten ours.

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