Disney Eastbound Transatlantic Cruise Part 4

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  • August 6, 2018
  • Day 105. Saw a list today of the movies airing in 2018. Noticed that Solo: A Star Wars Story will primer during our cruise. Kinda hoping we get to see that. Avengers and a Wrinkle in time will also be out so we will have a good selection of first run movies during our sailing. 

    We’re currently sorting through Port Adventures. 7 days from today is the big sit down and pick out our Port Adventures for booking (booking day is in 14 days). If you’re a frequent reader you know how well this went planning for Alaska…. (You can read about it here) This time we’ve tried to make it more streamlined. We don’t have as many must dos for this cruise. We read about 10 guide books (or at least the chapters that covered places we were going) and picked out the things that sounded good at each port. Our plan is to go through and see if Disney offers what we want to see (or it’s not already sold out) and go on our own in all other cases. One of us (the planner) gets to narrow down the list to the highlights for each port, then we meet and go over what sounds good.  Ok, so today is narrow-down-the-list-to-see -what-sounds-good day.

    Port 1. Ponta Delgada (Sao Miguel) (Azores). Yup three names for one stop….. made research fun….. NO.~~~~~ Ok so we knew early in our research we saw these great pictures and descriptions of the one place we want to go for this port. Can’t find it anywhere. Seriously there were pictures, discriptions, everthing. Can’t remember if it was a website, guide book, or what. But no record. We know the name of the place. But the detailed info is no where to be seen. REALLY annoying. 

    Ok so going through port by port was eaiser for some then others. I wish Disney cruise line would post the port adventures that will be available for your cruise like they did for Alaska. To figure out the port adventures that are even an option I had to look at transatlantic options. Which listed stuff for Dover etc from other transatlantic direction, and I had to look for Port Adventures in Mediterranean ports. You can’t just sort by port anymore. Annoying. 

    Ponta Delgata was the one port it was clear where we wanted to go. One of us early on in the planning heard about the Terra Nostra Park. It is a garden with thermal baths. Still undecided if we want to swim in them, but definitely want to see them. Disney does go there, but it seemed like the tour wouldn’t give us tons of time in the garden. The drive is a hour away. So 2 hours round trip. Disney’s tour has two stops for overlook pictures, does the gardens and thermal pool areas, and is a 4.5 to 5 hour tour. We are guessing we’d have only an hour at the gardens. I wish they were more clear about time usage in the tour discriptions. But after doing research, there doesn’t seem to be a better way to get to the funas. Only real way is to take a tour. Disney or otherwise, rent a car or use a private car service. Car service is expensive. Renting seems troublesome. So with Disney we hope to go. Just waiting for that booking window.

    We’ve already heard that another port in our cruise has their big Port Adventure to Alhambra already sold out. After only conciage booking window. Makes us a big nervous as to what will be left by silver. Guess we’ll see. We also tried to plan a walking route from ship to town center to see the town square with any extra time we have since we are in port for around 7.5 hours and our tour is only 5ish hours.

    Port 2. Lisbon.

    The planner has narrowed it down to 4 different must sees for this port. Disney doesn’t “go” to any of them. They take you on multi-stop sight seeing tours, and you can use your hour Freetime in the tour to see the sight. That doesn’t seem long enough for us at any one of the sights. We have 7 hours in this port. We are planning at this point to do public transportation and go out in our own. Still working that out. The train is pretty easy to understand. Station isn’t to far from the port. So trains run every 30. And it’s about an hour train ride to the furthest site we want to see. The best case is we spent .25 hours in transport. .5 for traveling to the train stations and waiting for the correct train. Even with a buffer of 3.0 hours and an additional hour to buffer to be back an hour before departure that would leave us 3 hours to see the sight. We think that is worth the hassle of going ourselves but this is all if it goes well. If we get off the ship right 0n time. More likely we will have 2.5 hours. Is that worth the hassle? Disney is just soooo much eaiser. We’re leaning towards still yes worth going on our own. I guess we’ll see.

    Still 4 more ports to go……. So much work.

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