Disney Eastbound Transatlantic Cruise Part 6.

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  • August 23, 2018
  • Day 96. We’ve been watching the price of our Barcelona Hotel. If the price lowers we plan to call and ask for a price adjustment.  This happens often enough in US hotels that we find it worth checking once a day before we have a trip. Our Barcelona hotel price went up to almost double what we reserved at! All the standard and lower priced rooms are booked and all that is left is is a king suite with breakfast and wifi included. Glad we booked when we did.

    Day 95. Wow! The room price for Barcelona just sky rocketed to double what we paid due to only the expensive suite being available and now that room price has even risen since yesterday. Sooooo glad we booked when we did. Really have to wonder if the lack of rooms is because the Disney PA booking window was open. Lesson here is if you are booking through Disney or on your own, don’t wait to secure your hotel room until your cruise Port Adventure booking window. There would be nothing left in this hotel if you waited to call Disney today and new cruisers booking window is still 20 days away. Call as soon as you know where you want to stay and the dates you plan to stay! On a side note we wonder if anyone takes the transatlantic as their first cruise? Feels like having this as our second cruise we’re in the minority. It feels like this is a cruise of gold and platinum guests (Disneys loyalty club for multiple sailings on their cruise line, so you could just read that sentence as this is a cruise of frequent Disney sailors.) Our Port Adventure booking window is only a few days away. 

    We’ve started our check lists. We have the list of stuff to buy before we sail- sun screen, a new bathroom air freshener spray etc. We have a list of things to get done before we leave, can’t forget to water the plants! Even though it’s a few months out, having the lists started and adding to them as we think of things, makes it a lot less stressful when we get up to the few weeks to go time and everything comes due. We have a plan for each week leading up to our sail date for what we have to get done that week. We also got the last of our libray requested guide books. Seems like we could write a Ph.D. on the travel to our ports at this point……

    Day 91 very late. Should we say day 90? At midnight the start of day 90 we could book our Port Adventures and do our cruise check in to get our PAT ( port arrival time). Only problem, we were traveling. So what to do? Well there was some debate. We thought about how to handle it and just decided to check in via a mobile device. At 12am est we logged in, with our long list of Port Adventure options. We decided we wanted Port Adventures more then a great PAT, so we just went right to Port Adventure check out. Doing it on a mobile device was different. We had to go to each day and pick if we wanted to look a Port Adventures, spa, onboard fun, or nursery, which was greyed out since we didn’t have anyone in need of that service on our trip. We started with day 8 of our trip, Azures Ponta Delgada. Boom! Our must have Port Adventure to the furnas first pick was available. Yes please. Clicked yes, picked for both of us, clicked save. No more of that checking out buisness from last time for Alaska. Ok onto our number two pick. Ibiza for the hot rod experience. Well it wasn’t even offered. Not sold out, just not offered. Boooo. So we decided to book our second choice of the necropolis tours and then see if the hot rod company could be booked by ourselves. Ok onto Cadiz. Awesome we going first choice of seeing Seville. We wanted the adults only but it’s not even offered. From what we hear the transatlantic cruise has almost no kids, so it will probably be mostly kid free anyway. Ok Malaga, well no surprise here Alhambra was already sold out. So we didn’t book anything. We’re going to look at doing Alhambra though another tour group, otherwise we’re gonna see Gilbralfaro Castle on our own. Lisbon we already have plans for on our own. And Barcelona we are just doing a walk around ourselves. Well that was Port Adventures. Next up, Port arrival time. Went in to do all the pre-cruise paperowork, we tried to skip several sections so we could just pick a PAT and do the detailed paperowork later. It wasn’t letting us skip stuff like we could last cruise. New rules or the mobile site we’re not sure. We had to know our flight info at that point. It wouldn’t let us skip. You could totally put in false info and move on and correct later, but we just put our stuff in. Ok, finally time for the PAT. First choice of 11:00 am was already taken, we took 11:30. This seemed really late. I thought they used to have 10s? Either way we will be getting to the cruise terminal when it opens. If no flight issues we will be sitting in the airport for hours already at that point. I think the cruise port opens at 10:30am? We need to check that. Away we went to sign the cruise contract, and it wouldn’t let us click accept on the mobile device. Whatever. We’ll finish later. We got our PAT so who cares about the contract? We have 3 months to do 5 minutes of paperwork. Oh they did ask if we wanted a high level info booklet for our cruise, or the detailed booklet. What a weird way to phrase that. We picked detailed. It’s not that much info anyway! What does the high level say. Your going on a cruise. Here your luggage tags, have a nice day?

    Ok so onto activities booking now. We went looking for character breakfasts, character meet and greets and tastings. This is where the mobile, or the entire site? can’t tell till we get back from the latest trip…. Stunk. We wanted to see all the days the character breakfast was offered and pick one. Couldn’t. We had to go to each day, choose the onboard activity option then see if the breakfast was offered. We had to do this for princesses and tastings. It took forever. We picked the 3rd day while at sea for the character breakfast and the princess meet and greet. We picked the 4th day for a Frozen meet and greet, we almost didn’t bother. We have an epic picture from the Frozen meet and greet in Alaska. No way will we get a better one. But it’s free so why not? And apparently our cruise is planning to get boozed. Every single alcohol tasting activity option is already sold out. For the entire cruise. Wonder if us being silver cast away club memebers is part of this? We hear many transatlantic cruisers are gold or platinum. It’s a cruise filled with the experienced. So maybe our silver status is like new cruiser status in Alaska. Is anyone even a first time cruiser for this cruise? Cause when it comes time to book they won’t be drinking! We didn’t get everything we wanted, but we did ok. Whole thing took 45 minutes. No bugs, website issues or anything. Much better then our Alaska check in which was a sleepless night.

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