Disney Eastbound Transatlantic Cruise Part 7.

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  • November 26, 2018
  • Day 90. We are currently traveling and it was a rough day, and the day ended with an email saying our flight to Miami had been changed! Are you kidding me?! After looking at the change it was literally by like 5 minutes. No big deal. Except they moved out seats! We had perfect seats in a row by ourselves in a exit row, away from the bathroom. They moved us to a row with other people, right next to the bathroom at the back of the plane! But they did let us pick any empty seat as a consolation. Even though our seats were now gone………. Best we can figure they combined two flights and someone with higher flight status or payed more for their tickets also had our seats. And they won that toss up. So we did pick different seats. We found seats in a row alone, in an exit row, close to but not next to the bathroom. We figured our noise canceling headphones would have to take care of the everyone walking to the bathroom noise. We’ve been dying laughing every time  that Duracell commercial with the lady and the noise canceling headphones on a flight comes on. We’ve been there. …. Always fully charged before the flight. No more flight changes please!

    Day 89. We are checking daily to see if any of the port adventures or onboard actives become available. Nothing has, but also nothing else has sold out. Makes me think that my theory about us being the only silver cruisers onboard might be close to true! We’re figuring we will try to get into a tasting once onboard, along with getting a length of cruise spa rainforest room pass. Why can’t we just purchase it ahead of time? Stupid. Counting down the days now.

    Day 88. Well now along with obsessively checking our Barcelona hotel for cheaper prices we’re now checking to see if the port adventures we wanted become available. Well the Alhambra Port Adventure that was sold out in Malaga is still sold out, but our back up, the Soul of Andalucia just became available. There is a small chance we missed it on day 90 but I don’t think so. We’ve booked it. Still deciding if we should go on it, or see Gibralfaro castle on our own. You can always book and the cancel a Port Adventure. Just make sure to cancel a week or so before your cruise otherwise it’s not allowed, or if they let you change on ship, it’s to a more expensive port adventure. The soul of Andalucia port adventure is also really expensive. Another reason we’re trying to decide if we feel we will see enough and enjoy it enough or should just go out on our own. Still time to decide.

    Day 87. Hitting up the current sales to get some items needed for the cruise. Also starting to get serious about picking up needed items. I know it seems so early. It’s almost three months away! But we’ve run into the it’s outs stock problem more then once. It’s also less of a budget hit when we purchase a little at a time. One of us decided to get a robe for some rainforest room time. The spa provides robes, but last time they were really gross. They were ripped stained and generally old. They were not soft either. It was like wearing an old towel you use to mop up spills. No thanks. Decided to purchase a robe to wear this time. Not 100% sure if Disney will allow/not allow your own robe. They do allow your own flip flops, theirs were not big enough for us! Also wearing my own swim wear so figuring my own robe shouldn’t be an issue.

    Day 86. Well our Renaissance Barcelona Hotel Marriott has a great deal online right now. You can book a room for less than we paid, or a king suite for what we paid for a Queen City view! The catch is you have to pay in full and can’t cancel after 24 hours from the booking. Meaning you’re locked in. We really don’t see a reason we’d need to cancel, but the savings isn’t that much. About 50 euros. We’re figuring well just keep our room rate. You never know what could happen. Maybe the airlines changes our flight again!!!! And we have to leave on Dembarkation day, so no hotel needed. But if your willing to wait and gamble, you might get a decent deal less than 90 days out. 

    Day 82. Well it’s getting into the get your plan together time! We we’ve been traveling and once we returned to a regular schedule we figured it was time to look into those ports where we are considering going out on our own. First up Ibiza. We already had the name and website of the touring company that does the hot rod adventures in Ibiza. They have several options for tour length, cost. We contacted them by email to see if they had anything available for our port day. I’m thinking its over 90 days away. Who is booking this stuff that far put? Not like Disney is offering it this trip( I think I figured out why, Disney works with them to do the 4 hour tour, and we are only in port 6 hours so guessing it didn’t work) anyway we emailed them via the email on their sight, not their contact form. They were very prompt and kind getting back to us. They mentioned they were already booked for that day but could we do before 1 or after . 5. They would work to try to get us in. I replied no we needed between 1-5 and if they had any openings or cencelations to let us know. We were flexible during those hours. 

    Day 81. Hot rod tour company got back to us again saying they would try to get us in and asked if we were coming from a cruise ship. A short reply saying yes we were, and we’d even be willing to do the 4 hour beach hot rod tour but didn’t think it would fit in that time constraint which is why we asked for the 1 or 2 hour. Waiting on the next reply which they said would take a few days but they really want to try to fit us in. Lesson here, the second you are ready to book something. Do it. We waited until after the Disney window assuming we might book through them, which is pretty much our preferred method just for ease and  safety of the ship not leaving us! But coordination with this tour group has been really prompt and pleasant! We’ll see how it goes.

    Do you ever have that oh no moment? We had it in Alaska when we freaked out about the no trip insurance when we found out we could get banned from the ship if we had the flu after reading a forum post. This time it was a forum post mentioning smoking areas on the classic ships (Wonder and our ship for this trip the Magic) have smoke that drifts down to verandahs below. Reading further it said that rooms right next to ours had issues with smoke and ash dumping down onto their verandah! Not to mention the smoke smell. In every review I read of our room choice this never once came up. We also picked this room because of its location. We almost went with the same room on the other side of the ship, but settled on this side just because if was the same side we had in Alaska- but a different deck- and decided it might feel strange to switch sides. Well there is no changing the room now. But it’s like panic mode. Smoke is a big issue for us, we’re paying for a verandah and we want to use it, not be locked in our room due to smoking people above us. I feel like Disney should disclose this in the room booking stage. We would not have booked this room had we known……. Hoping it works out ok. Guess we’ll find out in 82 days. Maybe we should stop reading the forums! They are helpful but we’d almost rather be in ignorant bliss about this until we get there. Not like we can change it now. We could call Disney and see if another room is open, but without absolute proof our room is affected we don’t want to. We love its location otherwise. Guess we’ll see.

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