How can I bring the scent of Disney home? Part 2.

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  • November 21, 2018
  • How can I bring the Scent of Disney Home Part 2. 

    Editors note: Since writing this Anthology Candles has changed to Spireside, and Spireside has changed all their candle names (but the scents are the same). We have left the original Anthology Candle names and added the Spireside names in Bold. 

    We’ve continued on our hunt to bring Disney scents into our homes and have so many updates we needed a second post.

    These first scents are from 

    Crystal Water/Splash Down– The scent of Disney water rides is one elusive scent. Everyone claims to have found it, and many are close, but to our nose, no one has nailed it just yet. This candle has a great foggy leather smell. Even if its not the Pirates smell we keep hoping for, its one of our top favorite candles. 

    Sweet Shoppe/The Confectionery– This candle somehow managed to pack in the feeling of being 5 years old walking into the Confectionery to get a treat. Ok maybe we still get that feeling! It’s a great blend of sweet candy and Chocolate. 

    Tropical Bungalow/Polynesian We really need to stop in at this resort because they must have changed their scent since we were there several years ago. This smells nothing like our previous dead on Polynsiean scented hand soap and lotion from Bath and Body Works. It is however very tropical mixed with ocean. We don’t feel we can comment on if it matches the current Polyinsiaan smell. If your looking for that old smell pre-Poly redesign (think early 2010s) then this isn’t a match. 

    Village Bakery/Main Street Bakery– How they got this one so right is impressive. It’s a mix of coffee, cinnamon, vanilla, almond, and baked good. It may be just us but it seems maybe a hint of amaretto as well. It’s like having the Bakery wash over you as soon as you light it. We love it. 

    Enchanted Library/Belle’s Library– This candle falls into the “ I don’t think that has a smell in the Parks” category. However it does smell just like an old manor house library. Weither that’s what Belle’s Library could smell like or not, who knows. We do know that we can’t get enough of this candle on a cool fall evening. It smells like leather and wood. 

    Scorched Parchment/Rome Burning– It’s been awhile since we embarked on a trip through history on Epcots’ Spaceship Earth. This candle is meant to embrace the smell of the Rome scene. It smells like a nice smokey spicy old parchment burning. It isn’t unpleasant at all. It has a hint of smoke but not a Camp Fire smell (we do have a campfire scented candle that is so strong and realistic the smell lingered for days. ) We may need a spin on Spaceship Earth to confirm, but this one seems pretty close if not dead on to it’s namesake .

    Soaring Around Africa (Currently Retired). – This candle might be the best match to attraction smell we’ve found yet. It’s scent is a dead match to the grass scent you experience as you soar over the Elephants during Soarin Around the World. It’s a sweet grass,not cut grass smell. The fact that we can tell the difference might mean we need a break from smelling so many different scent products! This is a must have candle for us. 

    Rustic Hall/Animal Kingdom Lodge – Confession. We have never been to Animal Kingdom Lodge. I know I know. It’s on the list! Anyway if this is what the lodge smells like we want to live there! This is probably our newest favorite scent. We can’t even find the right woods to discribe the scent. Spicy sweet carved wood? Honestly it eludes us as to what it is. But we love it! We would burn this all the time if we could. 

    Soaring Around Fiji (Currently Retired)– This one is another awesome smell but a miss for us when comparing it to the attraction scent. Every time we experience Soaring Around the World we know we recgozie that Fiji scene scent. We just can’t place it. 

    Editors note: Since we first tested the next candle the company we purchased it from WedWay Candle Company has changed names to Magical Candle Company, changed the name of the candle we tried to Pirates Life and expanded their offerings which we are excited to try in the future.

    Magical Candle Company/WedWay Candle Company Pirates Life/Pirate Water– As you know we are constantly on the hunt for the Disneyland Pirates of the Caribbean boat ride scent. The creator of this candle did a ton of research, did a write up on the research and came up with this candle. We are divided on our options. Some think it’s an almost perfect match. Others think it has hints of the right smell, but also has a hint of medicatied lotion scent to it. Maybe if we burn every Pirates candle we have at once we will get close to the smell!

    That rounds out our second go at finding more Disney Parks Scents to bring home. We had a few hits, a few maybes and a few misses. What we didn’t end up with on this journey was a candle we hated the smell of. Even if it was a complete miss to the scent it was supposed to recreate we always ended up liking it as a stand alone candle. That reassurance gives us hope to keep trying. It’s a fun experiment and we will continue on the hunt and keep you updated. 

    Looking for more Disney scents to bring into your home? Check out Part 1 of How can I bring the Scent of Disney Home?

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    1 thought on “How can I bring the scent of Disney home? Part 2.

    1. Do you know what the research articles are or where they can be located? I’d love to see how they came up with that smell!

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