How can I bring the scent of Disney home?

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  • August 10, 2016
  • Editors note: Anthology Candles, which is mentioned several times in this article, had recently changed it’s name to Spireside. You can now access their website at . We have kept the names Anthology Candles listed for the time being because they are so well known by that name. As the transition to spireside takes place we will update this information.
    Editors note 2: Since writing this Anthology Candles has changed to Spireside, and Spireside has changed all their candle names (but the scents are the same). We have left the original Anthology Candle names and added the Spireside names in Bold. 

    Like many people, I often wish I was in Disneyland or Walt Disney World, Tokyo, Cruising Alaska; take your pick of anything with the name Disney on it. One of the ways I try to bring the Disney Parks back home is with scents.
    Anyone who has ever taken a trip down the bayou at Disneyland, knows that Piratey smell. It’s a mix of musty,mildew,chlorine, and a fog machine. The second you get a whiff of that scent you can almost hear “yo ho”. I have doggedly pursued finding Disney smells anywhere I can. Disney does make the Turkey leg and Mickey Ice cream bar car air fresheners. I haven’t tried these yet. But after lots of internet research, random chance, and stiffing a LOT of candles, I have found several Disney scents that I find close to the original. Nothing is ever exact, but several of the scents are so close, even I can’t believe it. I have not been asked to review, endorse, nor have I been compensated for any of the scent products I list here. Scents and smells are subjective and personal, your experience with these products may be different than mine.

    Where can I get scents from the Walt Disney World Resort Hotels?
    One of my fondest memories is of trudging back to my room after a 18 hour day touring Walt Disney World, and as I entered the lobby of my building at the Grand Floridian, I would be welcomed home with a sweet apple scent. It became the scent of Walt Disney World to me. So when I was missing my “home” being able to smell that comforting aroma was amazing. (Note it has been some time since my last Grand Floridian stay, Disney could have changed the scents associated with the resort)Island Spice

    The Grand Floridian “apple scent” has been used in the outer building guest mini-lobbies and is made by a scent company. It’s not available to the public. But after a lot of sniffing, I found another option. The GF scent is closely matched with the consumer product Tropical Spice from Bath and Body Works. It comes only in their wallflowers room scent product, and has been discontinued and brought back as a special item several times. The last time it was available, I cleaned up. I have a closet full of refill. Grand Flo scent for many years to come.

    Old version
    Old version

    Looking for that Pre-Refurb Polynesian smell? (Ok it still might be the smell, I just haven’t stepped foot in the Poly since the refurb was complete)

    New Version
    New Version

    Well Bath and Body Works has it again. It’s another limited release produce. This time it’s a hand soap. Yup. RainKissed Leaves. It smells like the stuff they pumped into the lobby of the Poly on my last visit. I bought a bottle of this hand soap and loved it. I’m not generally into my soap smelling like a flower, but hey, washing my hands was way more fun when it smelled like the Poly lobby. When Bath and Body Worked released it again, I bought three bottles, only to find out they slightly changed their formula and now it isn’t as perfect. It’s still a close match to the original Poly lobby smell, but it isn’t as good as the last hand soap edition. Who knows what the next edition will bring. I learned my lesson, test it out in the store (they let you do this, some stores even have a sink you can use to test soaps) before purchasing. (Editors note: Bath and Body Works RainKissed Leaves also comes in a lotion, shower gel, and a fine fragrance mist, none of which have been tried by the author) has several resort scented candles.  You can purchase Clover Fields is Beach Club/Floridian/Contemporary, Tropical Bungalow/Polynesian (We have finally tried this one out and you can read are review here) and Sherwood Forest/Wilderness Lodge. I haven’t tried these yet, so I don’t have any descriptions or opinions on these specific scents.


    Where can I find Disney food smells?

    Short of whipping up a recipe from a Disney cook book(always fun, but a lot of work) it’s difficult to find a way to get the smells of your favorite Disney meal at home. There are a few options however that will leave your kitchen clean, AND smelling like Mickey shaped food is around the corner.

    When the thermometer is in the red, a Dole Whip and a trip to the Tiki Room always hits the spot. Well I know you can get Dole Whips outside of Disney parks, I do it when I’m missing those singing birds, but if you’d like your living room smell like a Dole Whip stand, you can do that too. This one was found on one of our candle sniffing outing. Yes, we really do smell candles at random stores often, looking for a Disney-like scent. And bingo we found one. Target Stores carry a line of soy candles, and they have seasonal scents. This summer you can find Exotic Pineapple candle. Target stores and sell them for $5.00 for a 4oz and $10.00 for a 15.2oz size (currently unavaiable). The best description I heard was “it smells like they stuck a Dole Whip in the jar and added wax”. Yes it smells like someone just opened a Dole Whip stand when you light this candle up. Now if only we could get a Tiki Room bird to move in and sing…..

    Pineapple Escape Candle can be found at Target stores.
    Exotic Pineapple Candle can be found at Target stores. carries several Disney food scented candles as well. You can purchase a Churros scented candle, Pineapple Delight/Pineapple Whip as well as Village Bakery/Main Street Bakery and Sweet Shoppe/The Confectionary. I haven’t tried them all yet, but I did try the Village Bakery candle, and the Sweet Shoppe You can read my review below and in our second edition of How can I bring the Scent of Disney Home Part 2.


    Where can I find that smell from my favorite Disney ride? offers many different Disney ride scented candles.

    Ghostly Castle/Haunted Manor – The Haunted Mansion Anthology Candles Haunted Manor

    Scorched Parchment/Rome Burning – Epcot’s Spaceship Earth

    Sunshine Groves/Soaring Over – Old version of Soarin’ the ride

    Crystal Waters/Splash Down– Disney water inside the rides.

    Pirates Revenge/The Black Pearl– Pirates of the Caribbean ride

    Anthology Candles Soaring OverAnthology Candles The Black Pearl
    I haven’t had the chance to test all of them yet, but you can read my review below of Pirates Revenge/The Black Pearl, Sunshine Groves/Soaring Over and the Goastly Castle/ Haunted Manor. I can’t wait to give more of them a try. Editors Note: You can read more reviews in our 2nd edition of Bringing The Scent of Disney Home. has several other candle scents that are inspired by Disney experiences.

    Belle’s Library,Briar Rose(pink or blue), Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, Part of Your World, Prince Charming, and Tink’s Flight. All of these seem interesting, but with so many other choices from Anthology Candles I haven’t tried any of these yet.


    What do you think of Anthology Candles?

    We heard about a company that started on Esty making Disney ride scented candles. We had to give them a go. Spireside/Anthology Candles makes a selection of ride inspired candles. Since our initial purchase, they have also added Resort inspired candles, as well as general Disney inspired scents. Their candles are handmade in the USA, made of Soy, and as long as you follow the directions, seem to be long burning(we only burn them for inspiration when articles are hard to finish, or when we just miss Disney, so we haven’t even finished one yet). They are a bit pricey at $18.00 for an 8oz jar.

    Anthology Candles

    We ordered 4 scents. We went with Village Bakery/Main Street Bakery, Sunshine Groves/Soaring Over(the original ride version) Pirates Revenge/The Black Pearl, and Ghostly Castle/Haunted Manor. All of the candles have a nice scent, came packaged well, unbroken, and with instructions. I was most excited for Pirates Revenge/The Black Pearl. I am a huge Pirates ride fan. It might be my favorite park smell of all times. The Disneyland version specifically. I took the lid off the jar and sniffed. Well it smelled piratey, but it didn’t smell like Pirates the Disneyland ride to me personally. I figured maybe it needed to be burned. Some candles can change scents as you burn them. So turned on the pirate sound track, and took a match to the candle. After several hours of burning(following the instructions) although I liked the smell, to me it didn’t have the musty,mildew,chlorinated water, smell mixed with a fog machine I expected.
    In doing research for this article, I noticed that Anthology Candles in their description of The Black Pearl candle now says it smells like the cannon ball scene from the ride. That is probably a more accurate description that the whole ride smell. To me, the The Black Pearl candle does have a smokey scent to it, and it does remind me of that one scene. I hope they keep working on this one, and get it to smell like the entire ride.
    They do revamp and redo their candles. Example: Sunshine Groves/Soaring Over. This candle is still made to smell like the original Soaring (over California) ride. In their current description Anthology Candles website says they have made this candle smell even more like the orange grove scene. My version of the candle is almost 6 months old, and I’m not sure if it’s the revamped version or not. But it does leave you with the feeling of the ride. When I think of Soarin’ the ride the ocean, orange groves and pine trees are all blended in a weird, but pleasing scent. This candle focuses on the orange grove scent, which in my option, it gets pretty close to perfect.

    The third candle was the Village Bakery/Main Street Bakery. I wasn’t even initially sure if this was worth getting. I figured it would smell like cinnamon, sugar, etc, like any cake scented candle. Boy was I wrong. This candle, to me, somehow smells exactly like the Main Street U.S.A Bakery. I don’t know how they did it, but wow. It somehow captured exactly what it’s like to get the whiff of baking treats as you walk (ok run)  down Main Street in Disneyland or Walt Disney World.

    The last candle I tried was the Ghostly Castle/Haunted Manor. I didn’t have much hope for this one after the pirates scented candle wasn’t up to my personal scent memory. So I lit this one, and walked away. I came back about 20 minutes later, and it was like someone painted the walls purple with little hidden faces. I had just been dumped off the scary elevator and was waiting for my doom buggy. To me, this one was a home run. It smelled exactly how I remember that ride smelling. I really want to bring the candle on the ride, and test it out there. Because I’m not sure it could smell any more accurate.

    In our first try of Spireside/Anthology Candles, we had a mixed go. All of the candles smelled great, and we love burning them. Some of them were hits, and some were not home runs for us, but they were all good enough, we want to try some of Anthologies new candles. Crystal Waters/Splash Down – The scent of Disney Water, looks especially interesting. If we combine it with the Black Pearl, maybe we can make a more Pirates scent. We’d also like to try their Clover Fields/Floridian Resort candle, and compare it to our Island Spices from Bath and Body Works and the Pineapple Delight/Pineapple Whip and compare it to our Target Pineapple Escape candle. If(more like when) we do. We’ll let you know how they smell!

    Update- We have been hunting down more Disney Scents to give them a try. Based on a reddit comment we picked up a Mexican Pumpkin Candle from Costplus World Market. This candle scent is so dead on to the dining room scene during Haunted Mansion Holidays at Disneyland that you might think you’ve just seen Jack Skellington. Warning: This is a seasonal scent and only offered for purchase in the fall.

    We also tried out the Clover Fields/Floridian from Anthology Candles. The scent is nice, and reminds us of the Main Lobby at the Grand Floridian. I have such a fond memory of our outer building apple scent, that my memory of the main lobby isn’t as clear. Maybe another trip is in order. Just to be thorough of course…..

    One scent we just can’t find, is the island beach scent used in the new Soarin Around the World. We know we recognize it, we just can’t place it. If you know what the scent is, or where we can find it, please leave us a comment below.

    After hours of burn time, washing our hands, and generally sniffing anything might smell like Disney, we have found some great imitations. It’s great on a rainy night to make your living room smell like a Ghost Host lives there, but it’s no substitute for the original. Somehow Disney has found a way to use scent to imprint Disney Park experiences in your memory. It’s just another magical Disney touch.

    If you’ve found any other products that bring that Disney scent home, please add them to the comments section. We are always looking for new ways to bring Disney home.

    Check out Part 2 of our How to bring the Scent of Disney home? Series.

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    5 thoughts on “How can I bring the scent of Disney home?

    1. Thank you very much for your post! This is a great idea.
      I just ordered from Anthology Candles, Haunted Mansion sounds very promising!

      If you want the smell of Pirates of the Carribean, I can suggest “Dark Ride” by Xyrena, which they made to replicate the smell of precisely this ride, and many people on the internet I read thought it was very faithful to the actual smell of the ride. I ordered it but haven’t tested it myself, I’m eager to smell it because POTC is my favourite smell in the entire parc!

      1. I will definitely look into “Dark Ride”. We are in the process of testing/looking for several new smells. Look for a short update soon.

    2. ScentHD is the residential branch of ScentAir – the company that provides fragrances for many of the Disney resort lobbies. You can purchase those same fragrances for your home on their website, “Green Clover & Aloe” is the fragrance used at many Disney resorts including the Grand Floridian and the Contemporary. They also have scents used at the Polynesian (White Tea & ginger), Animal Kingdom (Two Dashes of Cinnamon) and others. Their home fragrance machine covers 1000 sq ft and is great for home use.

    3. I found the new Soarin’ beach scene scent. It smells exactly the same – Yankee Candle’s Riviera Escape. I actually had the candle before riding Soarin’ and couldn’t help saying to my daughter as we flew over the sea that it smelled just like my candle at home.

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